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HP Printer c02 Error is the well known bug amongst the HP users. This error disturbs the tasks which are performing on the printer. HP printer error c02 is one of the most hideous issues, which is Tags:fix HP printer error c02, hp printer customer service, hp printer. Error code C02 refers to issues that arise when trying to print inappropriate documents. This refers to the document which is in a different format, one that is.

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Thanksyou saved me a lot of headache. Check and Fix the Network Issues To troubleshoot the error So one can print the PDF documents as an image, to cut the complexity.

How to Fix HP printer error 49.4c02?

This error message usually occurs due to miscommunication between the printer and the computer that generates the print command. If the issue has gone really far and you are no longer able to control it, calling HP printer customer support can save your day.

It is most likely caused by a print job, so the first thing you need to do is to delete any jobs in your print queue. Sometimes, when you give a print command from your computer, your HP printer fails to print, and instead displays the HP printer error code Sometimes the HP error code Similar is the case with HP printers as well. Or, the entire formatter is bad.


Printer Support October 25, This topic has been locked due to inactivity for a long period of time. When your printer displays the HP error code If possible, save the document, close the website, then open the saved document and print from the local C drive.

Power off the printer, then disconnect the cable that plugs to your computer and power it back on. If your HP printer switches to a ready state when the cable is disconnected, print a test page.

Foolproof Steps to Fix HP Printer Error c02 +

The onboard LAN connection is blown out. I thought the PDF file send to me was a corrupted one but turns out, sevice as an image worked. The is pretty much a with some features fixed, but it still doesn’t cut it for medium or high usage.

So, it’s displaying the error without the network cable plugged in? Type the model number of FP printer, and follow the prompts. Alternative method to update the firmware: Finally a fix for Thanks a lot, it worked. You must upgrade the firmware of your printer, once it shows the Ready mode. The issue is temporary but on some printing devices, it can render permanent effects.

Really easy and step by step solution to fix HP eror error Check the LAN connection, and reboot your device once. Not only are these error messages annoying, but also bring down your productivity to a halt.


Re-install the drivers for your printer.

A step-by-step guide to set up Bellsouth email on Windows 10 By: Let us know what happens. Restart your HP printer. Message 5 of Remove the PDF and cool down the printer first.

How to fix error 49.4c02 on your HP printer

Power off the printer, then disconnect the cable that plugs to your computer and power it back on. Try to print again. Click download and begin the installation.

Thanks for the useful help. Another main reason which attributes to the HP printer error To counter this issue, you need to print your PDF file as an image. Even unplugged, no change. If your HP printer switches to a ready state when the cable is disconnected, print a test page.

I have done this a half dozen times and keep getting the same response, around in a circle. To thank a Tech for a post click the thumbs up button under the post.


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