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AAOIFI Technical Boards. Composition and Membership. Shari’ah. Composition · Members; Committees. Shari’ah Standards Review Committee · Shari’ah. SABB. Exclusive Sponsor of AAOIFI’s Shariah Standards Online Version these standards are viewed as a major hallmark for the Islamic finance industry. AAOIFI has been issuing more than 50 Shariah Standards already. This Shariah standard on gold wouldn’t be the first and the last. As such, what is so special.

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Poverty in an International Context. Istisna — Mode of Financing. Issues, Problems and Strategy: Speculation and on Demand for Money in an Islamic Economy. Salam Contract in Islamic Finance. The Question of Policy, Poverty and Society.

AAOIFI Standards

A Proposal Islamic Financial System: Rights of the Seller. Islamic Law of Contract. Waqfs in Malaysia and Singapore. The Ten Conditions of Waqf. Islamization of Finance Sector: Behavior of the Producer. The Sudan Cash Waqf standdards Indonesia. Bank as Business Partner. Special Focus on Poverty Alleviation.


Theory of Income Determination. Sale of Alcholic Drinks.

Other Measures to Tackle Poverty. Progress in Poverty Eradication: Takaful Insurance – Explained. Investment of Unpaid Wages. Repugnancy to Islam – Who Decides?

AAOIFI Standards –

Islamic Bank as Finance House. Ottoman Case Business Partnership: Islamic Money and Banking: The Fate of Tenants’ Right to Pre-emption: Musharakah in Bank Deposits.

Takaful – Wakalah Model. Unwillingness to Share Profits.

Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions

The real nature of wealth and property. The Problems in Economics. Cash Waqfs in Malaysia and Singapore. Sources of Finance for Present Muslim States. Minimising the Budget Deficit: Valid Sale in Islamic Finance.

Loans to Small Farmers. Recommendations on Poverty Alleviation. Integrating Money in Capital Theory.

Types and Disposition of Cases. Pakistan Raising the Ceiung: Progress of Islamic Economics. The Origins of Waqf.

Parameters of Child Labour.

Introduction to Islamic Economic System. Economic History of Islam. Tabung Haji Fund Mobilization: Risk Assumption by Employees. Promotion of a Riba-Safe Business Environment.


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