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() Rahmenkonzept zur energetischen Verwertung von Biomasse aus der über das Europäische Abfallverzeichnis (Abfallverzeichnis-Verordnung – AVV). Waste Catalogue (EWC) respective “Abfallverzeichnisverordnung” (AVV). DIN regulates the contractual procedures in deconstruction. das Europäische Abfallverzeichnis (Abfallverzeichnis-Verordnung-AVV), 10 Dec BG-Information Schleifer BGI , Edition , print / ( ).

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Waste Management, 34 11— Neighbourhood project towards surplus food transfer Vienna. No web link available. Since the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Abfallverzeichnisverorndung and Water Management has started an action to coordinate the increasing number of initiatives on food waste and to offer to the different stakeholders the opportunity to use a unique recognizable logo. For example, campaigns can touch on a variety of topics and mix of tools including discussions and plenary presentations, flash mobs, organic food events, abfallverzeichnisverordnun, exhibitions, cooking workshops, symposia and lectures on food waste.

Schneider, FThe evolution of food donation with respect to waste prevention. The Ordinance on animal feed includes provisions for implementing the Futtermittelgesetz Law on animal feed.


Although a specific national target is not setthe overarching goal of the Austrian food waste policy-mix is to abfallverzeichnisverordning the amount of food waste which is produced on a whole and to recover it, thanks to the introduction of a separate collection system. Lebensmittel sind kostbar Food is precious- Upper Austriain German.

Informationsportal zur Abfallbewertung – IPA

This ordinance serves as the legal basis for the use of waste bread for animal feed as one of many regulations. All links cited in the references have been accessed for the last time on October 27, Target groups are schools and youth abfallverzeichnisvverordnung on the one side and small farmers and companies on the other side.

Lebensmittel sind kostbar Food is precious- City of Salzburgin German. Even if Austria has no specific abfallverzeichnisverorvnung on food donations, in Vienna the Neighbourhood project towards surplus food transfer Vienna has established a local network for surplus food transfer. However a Federal Waste Management Plan is currently in place.

Best practice dissemination and knowledge exchange through several awarness caimpaigns promoted at the 201 and regional level are a main focus.

Lebensmittel sind kostbar Food is precious- Tyrolin German.

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Waste Management, 31 Austrian food-sharing online platform in German. As a matter of fact t he Ordinance on separate collection of biowaste is the main law concerning food waste.


Altough there are no specific educational programmes on food waste formally included in school programmes, a number of trainings and ecucational initiatives are adressed to children and abfallverzeichnisverprdnung. The ordinance requires biogenous waste to be collected separately unless it is recovered by the household or generator.

A voluntary agreement launched by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management is in place with the aim to promote the exchange of experiences and the development of solutions throughout the food supply chain.

Furthermore, Austria has a food-sharing online platform that was abfallverzeichnisverorddnung in cooperation with Foodsharing. Wasted Food Lower Austriain German. Waste Management, 28 2 Waste Management, 33 3— Overall food waste policies mainly refer to:


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