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MOSAIK – The Abrafaxe. likes · 13 talking about this. The Abrafaxe were created in as main characters for the German comic magazine MOSAIK. Mosaik – Abrafaxe Sammelband Book Series (3 Books). Latest Book in the Series . Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Die Seidene Schnur. Go to book. 1. Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Dicke Luft in Paris. [Amelie Fried] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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With the Abrafaxe Mosaik continued to go from strength to strength, reaching a maximum print run of a million copies in the total population of the GDR then numbered 17 million ; it also successfully mastered the transition to capitalism after Since the abbess is very sick, they leave the monastery in order to find the Philosopher’s Stone.

And one day, the Abrafaxe find a diamond in the Rocky Mountains which is as big as the Ritz The elaborate drafts and original drawings from the publisher’s archive offer not only an insight into how such an imaginative interpretation of the life abrafade work of abrafaxxe scholar is created, but also illustrate the fact that even the most complex of ideas can be explained in not only readily understandable, but also highly amusing terms – abrafaze particularly successful example of simplification and cultural crossover.

Illustrated Books and Novels Apart from their comic-adventures the Abrafaxe also made excursions into other categories of literature.

Introducing the Abrafaxe

Even though they are very different personalities and don’t always agree with each other, they are true friends who would never let each other down. To make matters worse their comrade Wido Wexelgelt is very clumsy. But neither Doctor Porcellus nor anyone else can help them. Abrax is a real dare devil. In the meantime, Abrax and Califax meet the roamer Soony.

The Abrafaxe act with charm, wit and team spirit and would never allow violence as a form of solution. He likes to act on the spot and doesn’t fear taking risks. Since excellent comic books with the Abrafaxe have been published. Through the medium of drawing, the Mosaik comic book artists send Leibniz on fantastic adventures at sea and on land, in the Netherlands, England, France and in the Electorate of Hanover. At the end of the journey, there is nothing less than the foundation of the Order of the Temple.


He is an analyser and has a broad knowledge which often helps to find surprising solutions to a problem. Their stories also appear weekly as one-pagers in newspapers and magazines. However, the princess has been captured by local pirates, the Orang Laut “the sea people”on her way to her groom.

They get to know Li and his bride-to-be Lu. It consists of a pages comic story about the Abrataxe and their adventures throughout the world. However, lazing around is out of question because the Abrafaxe, together with the beautiful seeress Sibylla, must foil the plans qbrafaxe evil Skrotonos.

Mosaik (Mosaik – Abrafaxe, #) by Jörg Reuter

However, our three heroes are not only forced to fight windmills, but also their worst enemy: They consist of dashing Abrafax, smart Brabax and chubby enjoyer of the fine things in life Califax. German-speakers can consult the Mosapedia.

Then, the Abrafaxe are supposed to rescue a Hakim’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Brabax is the smart one. Reflecting his motto of ” theoria cum praxi “, his ideas were far ahead of their time. The book has shaped our culture and civilisation like no other medium.

Again their archenemy Don Ferrando is in on it and causes distress, e. When Brabax encounters the all-round man Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, he immediately becomes his assistant. But he can also be very charming, especially when there’s a woman involved.

Thus, there are more than 1, one-pagers available as digital files now. Thus an mosai of Mosaik will always contain, besides the monthly episode of the saga, some illustrated text features that deal with aspects of the country and historical era it is set in, from biology to, e. Here they get to know the samurai Onoe who has to complete an important mission: The samurai Toru and his pretty daughter Toshiko assist the Abrafaxe when they are in need.


Enemies of the Abrafaxe moeaik get really frightened of it. Tchimbota definitely must remember that. The original drawings and publications on display also highlight the creation process of the comics – from the manuscript and the first sketches through to the coloured drawings and the final printed Mosaik issue.

MOSAIK: Books and Short Stories

Now he’s travelling backwards and forwards in time turning history upside down. They soon gain a foothold, though. During the arguments between Capitano Spavento and the Turkish pasha, Harlequin and his friends from the commedia dell’arte always accompanied them.

In Dalmatia and Venice 24 issues ; Dalmatia and Venice; about The journey of the Abrafaxe began in an idyllic village at the Adriatic coast. Adventures with the Time Machine Chrome cover, 36 pages It’s one of the last secrets of our time which Abrax, Brabax and Califax have found: Abrafaxe fans are using this platform extensively as their chat forum. The Abrafaxe, who have landed in New South Wales after their last time leap, don’t want to miss such an adventure.

But the happy ending is not yet to come: He is not really one for adventures. Apart from their comic-adventures the Abrafaxe also made excursions into other categories of literature.

MOSAIK Magazine

For centuries our knowledge about the world and its peoples has been stored in books. The texts are set in Quark XPress and can be easily transferred into other languages. And he really needs the help offered by the Abrafaxe.

So, the crazy race around the world has yet begun.


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