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Key concepts. Vehicles Air Friction Engineering Aerodynamics Introduction Have you ever ridden on a hovercraft? It is like gliding on a cushion. Our goal is to make our hovercraft design more aerodynamic by reducing the cross-sectional area of the reference face and eliminating any flat surfaces. I can’t speak to what sources you were reading, but the air under a hovercraft is higher than ambient air pressure, not lower. Wikipedia.

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Did the hovercraft hover for about the same amount of time for each of the three flights using a medium-size balloon?

19XR Sport | Universal Hovercraft

Add a means of providing forward thrust using a second leaf blower, for example. Why we don’t use fiberglass aerorynamics HDPE? The flat double-wing design for small, medium, and large cargo or military transport vehicles allows travel from very slow to medium to high speeds over water or land.

Support for Science Buddies provided by:. If there is low pressure under the hovercraft, why doesn’t it get sucked to the ground? When printing this document, you aerodynammics NOT modify it in any way. Instead of resting on an immobile surface, his engine sits on a rotational fan, a structure that can be flipped to propel the air stream horizontally or vertically.

But Bertelsen has been closer to the edge of success.

How Does a Hovercraft Hover?

Reusable plastic drinking bottles sometimes use these kinds of lids. Thankfully, it behaved and the Aeromobile 35B took off. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Vents or currents of slow-moving, low-pressure air are ejected downward against the surface below the hovercraft. The large balloon held the largest amount of air and should have allowed the hovercraft to stay aloft for the longest amount of time.

Don’t jump off of the hovercraft while it’s moving. Background Because a hovercraft is a vehicle that glides over a smooth surface by riding on a cushion of air, it is also called an air-cushion vehicle, or ACV.

The diagram in Figure 1 shows some of the key parts of a commercial hovercraft. Mounting the model on a force balance allows measurement of forces, such as drag and lift or drag force, as the air interacts with the scale model. Print Email Facebook Pinterest More.


His life story was so fascinating that we decided to profile him again, nearly 50 years later. It’s not as smart as you are, and it may occasionally give humorous, ridiculous, or even annoying results! Yes, I Did This Project! An old CD or DVD that you are willing to part with it will not be playable after this activity A medium-sized balloon large enough to inflate to at least 11 inches around Craft glue or super glue Stopwatch or timer Large flat surface for testing the hovercraft.

In this activity, you made the balloon approximately different sizes.

Sign up using Aerodhnamics. Riding on Air—Build a Real Hovercraft. Having maximum thrust is critical for our hovercraft, as we are designing it aerldynamics that it may travel a certain distance in the smallest amount of time [ 8 ]. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re doing—a hovercraft is a vehicle that glides over a smooth surface on aerpdynamics cushion of air. Because the pop-top lid stayed the same, the opening that allowed air to go beneath the hovercraft was always the same size.

Because a hovercraft can travel over flat land or water, it is an amphibious vehicle. This construction method helps us achieve a lightweight high strength structure that is perfectly suited for commercial operations over the most hogercraft terrain.

The idea for this project came from this DragonflyTV podcast: Then they tested the two types of skirts for speed and for maneuverability in obstacle courses.

In all his days at school, he hadn’t taken a single class in aerodynamics, and only took one course in physics. Although modern hovercraft often hoverccraft propellers on their tops to create air currents that are pushed beneath it, in this activity you used a balloon to create air currents. For example, if it took three breaths to blow the balloon up as large as you safely could, use only two breaths or a little less to inflate it this time.

Gull wing doors make entry into the cockpit easy. Operate the hovercraft in an enclosed area, such as a classroom or fenced-in area outside, so that it does not get out of control.

By this the drag force produced by attaching the wing at the noted angle of attack can be calculated. Could you add a skirt hovercratf that used on real ACVs to better contain the air cushion? Bertelsen blames the craft’s obscurity on hovrcraft century’s low fuel prices; since Americans didn’t need to find an alternative to gas-guzzling cars, they ignored hovercrafts, which could have used less fuel than automobiles.


Bertelsen was the first person to develop an ACV with a peripheral jet, which directs the high-pressure stream of air downward, rather than inward. The top of the hovercraft, with the blower. If the pop-top lid detaches from the CD and you used craft glue to glue them together, carefully re-glue them using Super Glue.

It is vital that the pressure is distributed evenly throughout the skirt and that the center of mass of the hovercraft is properly supported so that no unwanted moment will be created. Coast Guard toyed with the idea of using his A vehicle, which evolved from his first hovercraft, for ice patrol and rescue. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Fair Use. The Clark Y airfoil coordinates are imported and developed as a 3D model with the span of 1 m shown in below Figure 4.

Mark Eichenlaub 41k 11 However, we can reduce this force. We must also design our skirt so that it contains the air, but also allows air to escape from the bottom when the pressure is too high. Start your stopwatch or timer, open the pop-top lid and push the hovercraft. Therefore, considering the lift required is essential when determining the size and weight of our hovercraft. Consequently, their skills are in demand to design millions of different products in almost every type of industry.

Now 88, he works part-time at a radiology clinic, and is still playing the role of amateur inventor. Universal Hovercraft’s 19XR Sport is a sleek, high performance hovercraft capable of carrying 6 hovrecraft or lbs at speeds up to 75 mph over any smooth terrain.


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