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AFI 63-501 PDF

Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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The combination of a decrease in funding and the drawdown of forces at home and abroad has placed greater demand on Air Force assets. A progression of technical baselines is developed during the development life-cycle of a product. The division of responsibilities between the acquirer and suppliers is determined for each project. Ensure production planning, tool design, assembly methods, finishing processes, personnel training and special processes e.

Self Afii Phase – B. In a succession of builds, the simulated product is constructed, evaluated, improved, and reconstructed based upon knowledge afk in the evaluation process.

Detailed design fully defines the structure and capabilities of the product components. The suppliers typically use peer reviews internally on selected interim work products during development, but the acquirer should not rely solely on these results. Validation assessors also use this data in combination with their interviews to confirm correct interpretation of practices by the 63-510 assessors.


Design for Manufacturing DFM is an activity accomplished through the collaboration of many disciplines including design and manufacturing engineers and technicians.

The successful implementation of 63-01, disciplined systems engineering processes results in a total capability solution that is: Page 12 Share Cite. The current incremental steps are not achieving the necessary results.

This activity includes the allocation, refinement and production of 63-510 product-components, which can be accomplished using the planned manufacturing tools, processes, and personnel. Nevertheless, the Air Force acquisition workforce has eagerly accepted major acquisition challenges. These process areas are supported by Goals.

Include software engineering representation on the requirements review board if applicable. Instead it is intended to facilitate a mutual understanding of ways to obtain process excellence as described in AF SEAM, identify gaps in specific and generic practice attainment with a mindset toward continuous process improvement.


These assessments concluded with a summary of concerns in five critical areas: Establish and maintain a hazards tracking database. The conceptual set of mission afl must be refined into a comprehensive set of design mission reference profiles that define the product performance boundaries, intended usage modes and environments in engineering terms.

Aging aircraft, the increasing costs of operation and maintenance, and the growing cost of personnel—all of which are occurring in an era of rapid force buildup of fifth-generation systems by potential adversaries—amplify and underscore the need for capable and efficient acquisition of technically superior systems by the Air Force acquisition team.

Configuration management addresses obsolescence and technology refreshment. Agi results are then aggregated to yield a color as indicated in the table below. Planning will encompass all actions necessary to accomplish a validation assessment. DG2 Develop and document a detailed design and implementation strategy DG2P1 Establish initial 63501 designs and development strategies Description: The manufacturing plan defines the approach for producing a product configuration including all actions that are required to produce, test and deliver an acceptable product on schedule and at minimum cost.

Page 10 Share Cite. Version September Each practice is graded as either satisfied or not satisfied.

Define thresholds and authorities for controlling resolution of issues subject to a formal evaluation process in the guidelines. Establish verification criteria and methods for each requirement. In addition to briefly covering the materials contained in the self-assessment training, emphasis will be on af specific roles and responsibilities as they relate to the assigned task.

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Many product integration problems arise from unknown or uncontrolled aspects of both internal and external interfaces. PPG3 Establish and maintain commitment to the technical plan PPG3P1 Review all plans ai understand commitments and ensure the technical plans and overall plans are integrated and consistent Description: CMG1 The approach for technical baseline management is defined and documented.

Develop verification methods concurrently and iteratively with the product and product-component requirements and designs. Practiced evaluators have demonstrated that defined criteria and weighting can be significant contributors to the speed and consensus level of a decision. MG2P3 Ensure readiness for manufacturing Description: It is important that the acquirer define at the outset the 63-50 to which validation is required both early in the project e.


Additionally, independent assessments and feedback are an effective means of ensuring compliance and continuous process improvement. A number of observers have argued that for years, beginning in the mids, the U. Document the alternative solutions and include rationale for including or rejecting any alternatives for consideration.

VG4P3 Establish and maintain the environment and resources needed to support validation Description: This control includes tracking the configuration of each of the configuration items, approving a new configuration if necessary, and updating the baseline. Ensure the manufacturing processes and procedures adhere to the approved plan s to provide a uniform, quality product with consistent performance. Change requests address not only new or changed requirements e.

Aggregate risks based on their interrelationships, and develop options for all risks within the category.

Air Force ceded control, active oversight, and in-depth understanding of the technical baselines for weapon systems to defense prime contractors with negative consequences that included 1 loss of ability to perform independent technical analysis, 2 loss of ability to validate defense contractor technical decisions and conclusions, 3 atrophy aif the engineering workforce competency, 4 decrease in the ability to attract and retain top engineering talent due to hands-off engineering, 5 decreased ability to control costs, and 6 a reluctance by industry to share detailed, proprietary technical data for fear of transfer to competitors.

Requirements should be managed and maintained with discipline so that changes are not executed without recognizing the impact to the project. The items listed are provided as an aid and are not intended to represent all potentially applicable reference materials.

Ensure that sustainment organizations have established funding e. All process documentation affecting product quality should be placed under configuration control. Posting Results – E Information is compiled as directed by local policy ati procedures.


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