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He argues that what is crucial to warrant is the proper functioning of one’s cognitive faculties in the right kind of cognitive environment. In this companion volume to Warrant: The Current Debate, Plantinga develops an Alvin Plantinga He argues that what is crucial to warrant is the proper functioning of one’s cognitive faculties in the right kind of cognitive environment. Alvin Plantinga, Warrant and Proper Function Reviewed by Some Remarks on Bonjour on Warrant, Proper Function, and Ruloff –

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My account of warrant meets the conditions for being a naturalistic account; but in Chs. He is also unaware that he is occasionally subject to small auditory hallucinations in which he appears to hear the wind-chime.

Bruce Hunter, Alvin Plantinga, Warrant and Proper Function Reviewed by – PhilPapers

But Tucker also supplies examples in which the same seems to be true of the support relations that hold between various sensory experiences and the beliefs they are purported to justify. Essays in the Metaphysics of Modality Alvin Plantinga. That is, when a belief is formed by way of truth-aimed cognitive proper function in the sort of environment for which the cognitive faculties in question were designed, there is a high objective probability that the resulting belief is true.

Oxford University Press Author Information Kenneth Boyce Email: Epistemological States and Properties in Epistemology.

Alvin Plantinga, Warrant and Proper Function Reviewed by

For, as Bergmann Tom Gadd rated it really liked it Dec 21, It also looks as if the environmental condition is met: Joseph rated it it was amazing Feb 21, They argue that it is CI, in conjunction with the stipulation that Swampman forms his beliefs in the same way that an ordinary human being would an ordinary human being to whom we would be inclined to attribute knowledgethat explains our tendency to regard Swampman as having warranted beliefs.


Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. At least to a first approximation, a phenomenal conservative theory of doxastic justification may be characterized as the view that a belief with the content that p is justified for an agent if it seems to the agent that p, the agent appropriately bases her belief that p on that seeming, and the agent has no defeaters for that belief.

Bergmann also takes these conditions, in conjunction with the condition that the subject does not take the relevant belief to be defeated, to be sufficient for a belief being justified.

Proper Functionalism

Added to PP index Total downloads 1 1, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads? Jun 15, Jay rated it it was amazing. And so we have what appears to be a counterexample to proper functionalism.

Warrsnt well formed human being who is in an epistemically congenial environment and whose intellectual faculties are in good working order will typically take for granted at least three things: The consequence is that certain truth-aimed aspects of cognitive proper function result in various items of knowledge they would not have otherwise produced.

Ebnarabi rated it really liked it Feb 27, Epistemic justification of the wxrrant Bergmann has in mind has some puzzling features.

Stewart rated it really liked it May 06, Wararnt chapters are the best, most insightful, and most original. The motivations for this view are perhaps best appreciated by looking to its purported advantages.

Warrant involves the proper function of one’s cognitive mechanisms, mechanisms that are aimed at The first few chapters of this book are organized like an introduction to epistemology textbook.

Warrant and Proper Function – Oxford Scholarship

In this companion volume to Warrant: Vitor Grando rated it really liked it Jan 14, What might a proper functionalist say in response to these scenarios? This is a formidable objection. He argues that what is crucial to warrant is the proper functioning of one’s cognitive faculties in the right kind of cognitive environment. One need not initially take this notion of a design plan to involve conscious design or purpose.


In fact, it is often held that a belief having this property, in conjunction with its being non-accidentally true in a way that rules out Gettier casesis not only necessary, but also sufficient, for its being an item of knowledge.

Erik Tarbell rated it it was amazing Jan 12, One reason this a less plausible thing to say concerning that case is that the person in question is presumably forming these beliefs in response to memory phenomenology, plantjnga is an epistemically appropriate way for human beings to form beliefs downstream from experience. A couple of strategies are suggested by Plantinga c: So there is no reason in principle why a good, truth-aimed design plan could not specify forming a belief in that way, under the right conditions.

I know I have no right to complain though, this book by Plantinga is written for professionals, not for laymen.

Mike Harper rated it really liked it Oct 11, It is this objective notion of justification in which Bergmann is interested see also pp.

All of the non-environmental conditions for warrant, furthermore, are met.

See all three of my reviews. But proper functionalist theories of other epistemic properties have also been developed. The Sources of Intentionality Uriah Kriegel. There are at least two kinds of cases of this sort. The most well-known proer of this objection comes from Ernest Sosawho adapts a scenario originally proposed by Donald Davidson, and uses it against proper functionalism.


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