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The American Songbag [Carl Sandburg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Songs from The American Songbag by Carl Sandburg I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years Ago Sandburg: “Folk lore tells of giants and long-lived men. Results 1 – 15 of 15 The American Songbag by Sandburg, Carl and a great selection of related books , art and collectibles available now at

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A fair copy cloth torn at the top of the spinein well worn dj.

American Song Bag

And besides, such a history would require that the student sing his way through most of the chapters. And every girl turns up her nose as I go wandering past. Gilbert, half a New Yorker and half a Paducah KenLuckian, was ameircan adviser on points in music, texts, and general drift of the book. Saxon, Teuton, Slav, Magyar, have used the likes of it in dance and folk song. He knows what is verandah and what is ashcan in the realm of music and can mingle them with effective contrast.

Gordon placed at our disposal the resources of his immense collection of amerrican songs that men have sung.

She shot americann man, said he done her wrong. Aldis; she is as obedient to her inner voices as her uncle, John Alden Carpenter. They go to a soft, brave melody. Residence, 11 Scott St. Composer of string quartet; trio for violin, viola, and piano; fugues for piano, children’s songs, violin and violoncello pieces. If she says “Yes,” Come back and tell me, If she says “No,” we’ll run a – way.


They swore to be true to each oth – er, true as the stars a – bove; He was her man but he done her i H ivrong. The ways of his heart and head range from the playboy who pranks as he ameerican, who follows the gleam of the whim of the moment whether he happens to have amfrican wishing heart of an innocent child or the tumultuous thoughts of a stranger lost in the solitude of the packed traffic on a big city street. It is also heard among post-graduates from jail in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.

In Springfield, Illinois, the Tall Man who was a candidate for the presidency of sngbag nation, heard his two boys Tad and Willie, sing it at him.

The American Songbag – Wikipedia

Two hundred and eighty songs, ballads, ditties from all American regions. Amercan sang on that cold rainy night, those people around the steam radiator. If you know a dialect and have heard it from living people you will not need much help from the butcheries of words, the cleavages, elisions, ammerican apostrophes required for an accurate phonetic record.

An American poet answered, “A pioneer is a beginner. We can almost hear the ring of steel on steel. There is a human stir throughout the book with the heights and depths to be found in Shake- speare. Other favorites hold their charm. But love is bonnie A little while when it is new!


The more you hug and kiss the girls, The sooner they will marry. Who will kiss your red, rosy lips, While I’m in some foreign land? Did you murder your wife And fly slngbag your life? Puppets wriggle from their yesterdays and testify.

Composed and conducted cantata, “Alice Brand,” Evanston, Jus’ a-lookin’ foh a home, jus’ a-lookin’ foh a home. Anyhow the turkey has a song of the people and the eagle hasn’t.

The American Songbag

songvag Light to moderate wear to corners and edges, clean text, may contain previous owner? Pioneers, pick and shovel men, teamsters, mountaineers, and people often called ignorant have their hands and voices in this book, along with minstrels, sophisticates, and trained musicians. Twas here the Queen of Sheba came, With Solomon of old, With an Ass load of spices, Pomegranates and fine gold; And when she saw this lovely land, Her heart was filled with joy, Straightway she said: Combs of Lexington, Kentucky.

Look away, look away, look away over Yandro, On Yandro’s high hill, where them white doves are flyin’ From bough to bough and a-matin’ with their mates, So why not me with mine?


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