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The Andalite Chronicles has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: Okay, first, I feel like I need to preface this review by confessing that if I ha. The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs Chronicles, #1), Alloran’s Choice (The Andalite Chronicles, #2), and An Alien Dies (The Andalite Chronicles, #3). His name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. An Andalite War Prince. The one who gave five young humans the ability to morph into any animal they touch. They are .

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They are forced to use the Time Matrix to escape, andalkte takes them to a fragmented universe created from Elfangor, Loren, and the Yeerk now Visser Thirty-Two ‘s memories.

Elfangor breaks the Andalite law and gives the five teenagers the ability to morph.

Andalite Chronicles #1: Elfangor’s Journey by K. A. Applegate | Scholastic

The Andalite Chronicles shook up that format, introducing a subseries of Animorphs that would let Applegate tell stories from the perspectives of non-Animorphs characters.

And again with Chapman The Jahar Tragedy Hedrick has taken the side of the yeerks by this time. He reached it, a construction site now which was a forest before.

The Ellimist sure has a vested interest in this family, I’m rereading the whole Animorph series, including the Chronicles that I kind of skipped when I first read this series Similarly to how we first met his little brother Ax, we find Elfangor aboard an Andalite Dome ship, an aristh eager to prove himself. She takes no bullshit from anybody, and she backs up Elfangor—sometimes with a softball bat.


He saw a line curving from him and Loren. Apr 19, Claire rated it it was amazing Shelves: Different opinions and ideas come from the same species. In short, it’s awesome.

Andalite Chronicles Series

In this part, he had also decided that he liked Loren over Hedrick Chapman who was literally a douche, excuse the term but he was. Be prepared to have your heart take a pummeling. Now Chapman didn’t have much airtime in this book but he is very chronicls, right? Elfangor is able to stun Sub Visser Seven, leaving him behind, and flying away from the Taxxon world. This book has cheeky references to “Bill” and “Steve,” friends of Elfangor’s in college when he studied computers.

I’m not sure why he couldn’t have been any other human. To view it, click here. Elfangor found this ridiculous and pointless as it was clear as glass that it’s already a lost battle for the Taxxons.

Alloran’s Choice

Poor Arboron as well Upon arrival, Elfangor, Arbron, and Alloron morph Taxxon to scout out the planet and locate the Time Matrix, leaving Loren and Chapman aboard the cloaked ship. So, there you go! Also wtf – technically Loren was still a kid mentally and emotionally if not physically when she had Tobias? This is either good news, or incredibly tragic as well. Elfangor and his fellow aristh Arbron rescue two humans from the Skrit Na: Visser proposed to work together and get the Time Matrix.


Return to Book Page. It is narrated by Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. He doesn’t like fighting dirty. Visser Three tried to make a deal with the Andalites but Alloran has the upper hand.

When Elfangor finally agrees, a vast light appeared. There were many scenes where she saves the day, either by tricking those around her, or physically taking on beings much larger and stronger than she was.

Chapman is the worst. I loved the Animorph series, and this was one of the best of them.

Taxxon becomes trapped in morph. In one mission, Aximili was on board a ship that fell on Earth’s ocean.

But Alloran is too far along that spectrum: To ask other readers questions about The Andalite Chroniclesplease sign up. This book made me cry, at the end. My first thought is that the asteroids feed off of energy.


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