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Title, Aqidah salaf ashabul hadits. Serial buku At-Tibyan. Author, Syaikhul Islam Abu Isma’il Ash-Shabuni. Publisher, Pustaka At-Tibyan, Export Citation. Ismail bin Abdurachman Al-Shabuni is the author of Aqidah Salaf Ashhabul Hadits ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 1 review) and Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits &. The Explanation of the Creed of the Salaf, by Imaam Abee Uthmaan Ismaa’eel bin Abdir-Rahmaan As-Saaboonee,rahimahullaah, as.

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Daurah is a sort of workshop organised at a certain time and place.

Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits

Answering the question, al-Maidany emphasised the intention and method of pursuing a diploma or academic degree. Suara Quran FM was established inand began broadcasting on 17 February. A number of religious lectures organised by both sides are mentioned here as examples.

Virtually all of them deal with the role of the Internet in the Salafi movement for instance, Hefner Elsewhere, he makes a brief mention of the role of radio in Salafi dakwah; according to him, this is because they were unsuccessful in campaigning Salafism door-to-door To explain this, al-Maidany cited Q.

The letter anticipated the planned visit of a number of Yemeni ulamas to Indonesia. Deriving its legitimacy from the hadith science, tahdhir acquires a religious power.

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One final characteristic of Salafi radio is the inclusion of daurah programmes on all stations. Eickelman and Jon W.

The Role of the Internet. Among them, Muhammad ibn Sirin d. Given the absence of explanation, the fatwas clearly functioned as a tahdhir aqidqh Rodja Radio rather As I highlighted in italic, he also mentioned three languages Sundanese, Javanese, and Indonesian used in announcements.

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This networking plays a significant role both in sharing information and in mobilising their dakwah activities. Salafis aspire to emulate the way of life of the prophet as literally as possible. The Arabic text and the translation of the letter are available at http: Thus, in order to be representatives of the true Salafi in Indonesia, they compete for support from the highest authority of the Salafi ulamas by requesting fatwas.

According to Hasan, Thalib used the sururi aqida mainly to strengthen his relationship ashabil prominent Salafi authorities in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

It consists of those who are loyal to al-Hajuri Bulabo et al. It already existed before He asserts that radio is one of the means that Salafis used to get a hold on public thought Wahid The recorded sermons of Salafi teachers within this network are regularly broadcast on Suara Quran FM. For this reason, they maintained that it is not allowed to listen to it.

Al Ustadz Dzulqarnain Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits

They are often invited to give sermons and talks in such events as daurah workshop and kajian ilmiah scholarly discussion. Since the demise of its founder, patronage within the Yemeni network has changed considerably.

To keep them in line with the Salaf method, a special team is created in charge of monitoring the programmes being presented. The Hindu, a company boss, had an employee who claimed to be a true Salafi Salafi sejati. In this article, we are dealing with the purist. What is clear is that many broadcasting materials aired on Suara Quran FM are derived from this network.


It is of importance to look at fatwas or, more precisely, tahdhirs related to the existing Salafi radio stations in Indonesia. Luqman Baabduh and his group then used this tahdhir to delegitimise Dzulqarnain and his group. Like Abu Nida, other Salafi activists developed dakwah centres in various places.

Ismail bin Abdurachman Al-Shabuni (Author of Aqidah Salaf Ashhabul Hadits)

Regarding the contrasting opinions, he stated that proponents of both opinions should respect and have regard for each other. Al-Madinah FM haditw quite well managed, as attested by its regular broadcast programmes, despite the fact that it is facing a broadcasting permit issue. For Salafis, the correct knowledge of Islam must be taken from the true authority. As we can see from the above quotation, Jauhari mentioned a certain FM radio station without giving its exact name.

Thalib himself faced and still faces the accusation of being a sururi.

This is because radio only broadcasts sounds and noises. They need to be studied separately.


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