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An ARRL Numbered Radiogram is a brevity code used in composing ARRL Radiograms during times of radio congestion. The code is used to transmit standard. ARRL Message Forms. Click on any section of this Message Form for information on how to use it. ARRL Radiogram. GENERAL. Follows a description of the. ARRL RADIOGRAM. A How To. EmComm East By John KB2SCS kb2scs @ With excerpts from the. W3YVQ.v/02 PSCM APP.-B NTS.

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Am moving to new location.

Radiogram forms facilitate a standard protocol between amateur radio operators, allowing much faster relay of formal messages. This page was last edited on 24 Augustat No punctuation is used. He’s been a ham since By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most messages do NOT use this field. Here are a few notes on this part of the radiogram: Your message would go like this, just read it exactly like this and fill in the blanks with your info.

Each Radio Amateur is the judge of what is commercial and what is not. Views Read Edit View history. If toll or other expense involved, cancel message and service originating station. If not needed, it is best not to use. Any future reference to this message would be: This is for one or more of seven optional handling instructions: This is especially important in hectic and stressful environments such as during a disaster, when many parties call upon radio operators to quickly transfer messages in and out of the affected areas.


Handling Instructions are sometimes used to tell the various stations along the way, what the desires of the originating station are.

ARRL Numbered Radiogram

But from now on I think I will claim that all the mistakes are deliberate. One makes more sense to fill out and then send as a small digital fileā€¦. Preamble information is used to service undeliverable messages and to generate replies to specific handling instructions.

HXD Report to the originating station the identity of the station from which you received, plus time and date. It should be short usually less than 25 words and in telegram style.

ARRL Message Format

Most messages are delivered by phone. You want to know precisely who should receive it. If toll or other expense involved, cancel message and service originating station. These messages afrl be handled last. The more information here, the easier the delivery will be.

The letter “X” used to denote a period.

Radiogrzm a message is numbered, that same number remains with the message until delivered. HX E Delivering station gets a reply from the addressee, and originates a message back.

Line 1 should contain the full name of the addressee and, if possible, it should be the name as it is most likely to be found in the local telephone directory at the point of delivery.


I crafted this week’s message more carefully. State name, address and telephone number.

The Amateur Amateur: Hammy-Grams

The location radigram the person who actually authored the text of the message. I won’t go into the intricacies of its structure. Do not sayPlease use wording of December, two, zero Example: For our weekly net, we used to rely on messages that had come from the National Traffic System.

The preamble has eight boxes: His wife, Nancy, is N0NJ. Report the identity of the station to which it was relayed, plus time and date, or if delivered report time and date of delivery. Who’s supposed to get the message? Looking forward to getting rsdiogram again. If you as the originating station are the one and only person composing it, then this would be your location.

Going to your addressee and amateur call sign if anyfigures Brushy Creek Drive, Bandera TX, zip figuresphone figures aarrl, break for text. Most of the time all messages are handled on every net session.


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