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Parece ser un tratamiento eficaz para la ascitis quilosa. . chylous ascites in a neonate treated successfully with octreotide: bile sludge and cholestasis. Ascitis quilosa atraumática Bibliografía 1. D’Agostino S., Costa L., Fabbro M.A., et al: Neonatal chylous ascites: a case report and review of the literature. A series of 45 patients with chylous ascites has been reviewed. The age at presentation ranged from I to 80 (median 12) years; 23 patients were aged ≦

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When comparing the two patients who only received fasting and TPN, octreotide therapy with TPN obviously shortened the curative time, decreased the treatment cost and no significant side effect was observed.

In our series, all 4 patients presented with chylous ascites after surgery, 2 out of 4 patients were successfully treated with octreotide. In acute appendicitis, treatment is appendectomy and antibiotics are supplementary: Given the observed rapid resolution of chylous effusion with the octreotide administration, it appears that octreotide infusion rather than natural healing was responsible for the closure of chyle leakage, though the mechanism still needs further investigation.

Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia is typically limited to the small intestine although its etiology and prevalence are unknown. Endometrial carcinoma presenting with massive chylous ascites. They can be used in the subset of patients with underlying inflammatory diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus.

Diagnosis and management of congenital neonatal chylous ascites

Chylous ascites may lead to additional morbidity in pediatric patients. Clinical Case Reports ; 5 4: Abdominal US identified no underlying pathology.


So fasting and TPN are essential in nonoperative management of chylous ascites The treatment, when there is no identifiable surgical cause, is primarily conservative. Surgical management has been reported primarily for adults with initial clinical indications which simulate acute abdomen. Letters to the Editor.

Diseases of peritoneum Lect. J Trauma ; Transplantation Proceedings ; 40 1: A case of malignant abdominal pain. Gallstone Ileus Audrey C. CT follow-up examinations did not reveal the presence of ascitic fluid. When the 24 hour alpha-1 antitrypsin clearance test shows elevated levels of alpha-1 antitrypsin it may be due to enteric protein loss.

Concurrent occurrence of chylothorax, chylous ascites, and protein-losing enteropathy in systemic lupus erythematosus.

Start display at page:. J Pediatr Surg Successful management of chylous ascites with total parenteral nutrition and octreotide in children. Lymphangiomyomatosis arising in the pelvic cavity: Digestive Diseases and Sciences.

Ascitis quilosa atraumática

How to cite this article. Table 1 Profile of our patients with chylous ascites. There is also the halo sign which is a low attenuation inner ring surrounded by an outer ring of increased attenuation which has been reported in intestinal lymphangiectasia, Crohn’s disease, ascits colitis and radiation enteritis.

Follow-up study found no recurrence in these patients while on normal diet. Citation of this article. A case of primary chylous ascites resolved within 4 months by exclusive breast-feeding.

Inflammations Non-inflammatory pleural effusions Pneumothorax Tumours Pleura Visceral pleura covers lungs and extends into fissures Parietal pleura limits mediastinum and covers dome of diaphragm and inner aspect of chest wall.


No recurrence was observed in all patients. The loss of lymphatic fluid causes hypoal-buminemia, hydroelectrolyte alterations, coagulation and immunodeficiency with important involvement of clinical condition of the child and increased morbidity and mortality 7. The initial diagnostic investigation includes US and CT or MRI of the abdomen, MRI of the retroperitoneum, and upper and lower gastrointestinal studies to exclude conditions that demand immediate surgical intervention.

Ascitis quilosa atraumática – PDF

By inhibiting the secretion of some pituitary and gastrointestinal hormones, octreotide can increase splanchnic arteriolar resistance, reduce gastrointestinal flow and, consequently, the lymph flow Chylous ascites as the main manifestation of left ventricular dysfunction: This condition can present through a broad spectrum of clinical and paraclinical manifestations which are conditioned on the anatomical location and extent of the lymphatic anomaly quiloaa.

Brochure More information from http: A year-old female with a history More information. It seems to be an effective therapy available for the treatment of chylous ascites.

A single lumen central venous catheter was inserted into neonattal peritoneal cavity for continuous drainage in 1 patients patient 2while peritoneal cavity drainage tubes inserted during the operation were reserved in the other 3 patients.

Incidence and risk factors. Approach, Technical Success, and Clinical Outcomes. Mycobacterium avium complex peritonitis in an AIDS patient. Chylous Ascites Secondary to Pancreatitis:


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