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FRS™ SCREW FOREFOOT RECONSTRUCTION SYSTEM – Biomet · · FRS® Fusion and Reconstruction System Standard Staple. BAROUK Screw Developed by yntheses of small bones / fragments Threaded head can be countersunk. S.1 This easy to use fixation device has been. 2 Contents BAROUK Screw 2 FRS Screw 3 TWISTOFF Screw 4 MEMORY 12 and 20 Staples 5 VARISATION Staple 6 BAROUK Screw Surgical Technique 7.

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Foot and Ankle Solutions by Zimmer Biomet

The drill features a countersink for the screw head Figure 8. Contoured plates barpuk address various fracture patterns of the proximal radius. This is because the screw according to U. This preserves the lateral aspect of the dorsal fragment which constitutes a sagittal beam, and allows major lateral displacements as well as metatarsal head lowering Figure 4.

Cannula and catheters Osteotomy Skin retraction provides exposure of both extensor muscles; an incision is made between these two muscles, extending distally as far as possible.

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The cut is made horizontal and parallel to the sctew. Place a temporary axial pin A temporary axial pin prevents displacement of the fragments when the staple is introduced.


Distal chevron osteotomy 4. With such a recess, combined with a cannulated screwdriver with a diameter for example of 0.

Cannulated Screw System

Make osteotomy cuts Closing wedge osteotomy to correct Hallux Valgus Interphalangeus. Zimmer Biomet Hip Preservation Portfolio. Methods and apparatus for tools in axially oriented bores through spinal vertebrae. Moving Forward with Biotechnology Adding a scrdw new dimension to foot and ankle treatment, Zimmer Biomet offers some of the most innovative biologic treatment options available.

Verify position of the toe The position of the toe is verified by placing a platform against the plantar surface of the foot to simulate the floor Figure 3. The appropriate metatarsal formula is: Osteotomies of the first phalanx of the foot Indications for the 20 mm Memory Staple: Mechanical testing not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.

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Cardio and Radio This low value of engagement of the threading 3 substantially prevents damage to the bone. Figure 8 Step Likewise, if the first metatarsal is actually small in size, as is the case in some patients, the cannulated screw with threaded head according to the aforementioned patent risks rupturing it.

Anaesthetic oxygen and resuscitation Figure 4 Proximal Screw Placement The proximal screw is introduced in the same way, taking care not to place it in the lateral part of the dorsal aspect of the metatarsal Figure 5.

Product details for FQT2855

For axial stabilization and simultaneous protection of soft tissue. Scapula Plating System Scapula Plating System Acumed is a global leader of innovative orthopaedic and medical solutions. Drapes and gowns 3. When its head abuts against the dorsal cortex, the support snaps off.


mm Headless Compression Screw | DePuy Synthes Companies

Latest news Product news Product savings Customer notices Commitment discount schemes. The threading [] 3 has a maximum depth sufficient to ensure satisfactory bone attachment without barohk reaching the wall of the hexagonal recess Prepare the metatarsophalangeal joint for fusion A direct approach to the metatarsophalangeal joint is made.

Figure 7 Post operative Rehabilitation Protocol Post operative rehabilitation protocol This protocol is the same as that following solid screw fixation of an osteotomy or fracture site. When the distal cut is made, the osteotomy is closed with a greenstick manoeuver Figure 1. Position barok guide The osteotomy should be positioned between the two arms of the drill guide.

For small-statured adults and pediatric patients, using outrigger posts. Extra-articular osteotomies of the forefoot Sizes include 1 mm diameter and 8 and 10 mm wide Stainless steel construction Dedicated instrumentation designed to ease implant insertion Straight and oblique designs 6. The direction of the cut should be adjusted according to the condition of the forefoot.


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