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Muawiya had declared before the Battle of Basra his refusal to join the electors .. Ammar asked for a drink before he entered the decisive battle of Siffin during . The Battle of Siffin was fought in during the First Fitna (Islamic Civil War) and led to the establishment of the Umayyad Caliphate. The Battle of Șiffīn (Arabic: معركة صفين) was a battle between Imam Ali (a) and Mu’awiya b. Abi Sufyan occurred in Safar of 37/July in an.

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Please help sififn it or discuss these issues on the talk page. You have seen what happened in the day which has passed. The enemies of the Imam were on the increase and the supporters of Muawiya were in a continuous increase. Participating in Hajjat al-Wida’. Tie the copies of the Quran to the ends of the spears. After the diffin prayer, Ali addressed his troops as follows: Please help improve it by removing references to unreliable sourceswhere they are used inappropriately.

Many days passed in desultory warfare.

Siffin, Battle of – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

The death of Khuzaima and Oways Qarni so exasperated Ali that he sent pf to Muawiya to come out and fight in person, and thereby save the lives of thousands of Muslims who were dying on both sides. As he struck the Syrians, he kept saying:. I do not make this statement out of fear of death, but I am an aged man who fears for the sifdin and children tomorrow if we are annihilated.


This time Ali had to send a signal of distress to Malik who was told that if he did not return to the camp at that very moment, he would not see his master any more.

There was a problem with your submission. The solid ground under his feet appeared to him to be turning into a quicksand. Ibn Al-Athir Al-Kamil part 3 pp.

His own choice was Abdullah ibn Abbas or Malik ibn Ashter. Let God be the arbiter between us”. This led to a division within the army of Imam Ali awith some people saying that since the enemy has bbattle the Qur’an as the arbiter, we can no longer fight with them.

25. The Battle of Siffin

Ali instinctively rejected Abu Musa whom he had always found repulsive. During this month of truce MoharramAli renewed his search for peace but his efforts to solve problems through negotiation, or to find solutions that would obviate fighting among the Muslims, were all fruitless for the simple reason that his adversary, Muawiya, didn’t see peace as an option.

But if one of them transgresses beyond the bounds against the other then fight ye all against the one that transgresses until it complies with the command of God.

However, negotiations between Imam Ali a ‘s representatives sitfin Mu’awiya continued. After surrounding Hazrat Uthman may Allah be pleased with him for a while, one or some of them martyred Hazrat Uthman.

Battle of Siffin – WikiShia

They resumed the battle on the following day and the right wing of the Imam’s army was defeated and ran away. He fought him and he legalized shedding his blood. Suddenly, he spotted Amr bin Aas in their midst, and shouted:. The Imam went on preparing for the march on Syria trying to mobilize all that which was within his reach for the confrontation with this aggressor party.


His troops were strictly enjoined to await the first onset of the enemy, to spare their flying brethren, and to respect the bodies of the dead, and the chastity of the female captives. They are invited to the Book of God, to settle their disputes, but a party of them turns back and declines. Maintaining perfect coordination, synchronization and precision, they were to take the enemy in a pincer movement, and then converging upon his center, Malik was to lead the charge that would force him the enemy to surrender.

But the arbitrators did not investigate the origins of the civil war.

Ali resisted the pressures of the traitors but they were all fattening on Muawiya’s gold which they were not ready to forfeit at any price. He stood in front of the Syrian army, and read the message as follows: The Battle of Siffin.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Abu Musa al-Ashari also decided to act accordingly.

Al-Ashari was one of five people who were opposed to the Imam and his battlle before the beginning of the Battle of Basra. He lost one of his eyes at one of the battles.


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