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You can find the user manual for the UNIDEN BEARCAT BCXLT here. gr ( oz). Manufactured: 19xxxx (Discontinued). Other: channels. Related documents: User manual ( MB). Options/Accessories. Uniden-Bearcat-BCXLT Owner’s manual. Uniden-Bearcat-BCXLT Owner’s manual. uploaded by RigReference. PDF, Unknown size. Click to.

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You can choose manua two speeds for the search feature. Types of Communications Monitor communications such as: Feature Highlights 30 Channels — Program one frequency into each channel. You must have at least one channel programmed to use the Scan mode. The frequency coverage is not totally continuous from 29 MHz to Mmanual. If the frequencies listed in the starter guide do not work in your area, call the enclosed Mr. A Uniden representative should be able to provide you with sample frequencies, or use the enclosed order form to purchase a local frequency list.

Included with Your Scanner If any of these items are missing or damaged, immediately contact your place of purchase or Uniden Customer Service at: These are helpful guidelines when using your new scanner: If your scanner receives interference or electrical noise, move the scanner or its antenna away from the source. If you need to improve reception, use an optional antenna designed for multi-band coverage.

You can purchase this type of antenna at a bc235xxlt electronics store. Use the included earphone or an optional stereo Before attempting to recharge batteries, make sure you have installed four rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries and the selector switch is set to Ni-Cd BATT.

Adapter Safety Feature The AC Adapter included with this scanner may be equipped with a polarized line plug — a plug with one blade wider than the other. This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug.

Uniden-Bearcat-BC235XLT Owner’s manual

No signal should be present when adjusting squelch. Press you do not hear a signal. Keylock Key Lock prevents accidental key entries during scanning.

To lock the keypad, press and hold until the key symbol appears. To unlock the keypad, press and hold until the key symbol disappears. Before scanning, repeat bc235xlr procedure for each channel you program. Select frequencies from your starter guide. Press Select a channel. Enter the channel number. Enter the frequency number.

To clear a mistake while entering the frequency, press twice, and start over.


If the frequency entered is outside the Frequency Range of the scanner, a distinctive beep sounds. See the Table on page 3 or the Band List on the back of the scanner. Programming Tips Do not program a weather frequency into one of the channels, since weather channels transmit continuously.

  DA PAM 40-501 PDF

Use for weather information. Group similar frequencies into adjacent channels. During normal scanning the scanner skips unprogrammed or locked out channels. When a transmission is received, the Scanner stops on that channel. When the transmission ends, scanning resumes automatically mxnual two seconds. Channel Lockout You can lockout any channel so it is not reviewed during normal scanning. You can restore the channel to scanning whenever you wish.

Manial in Manual Mode Press Select a channel. Locking a Channel While Scanning If the scanner keeps stopping on a particular channel due to noise or too frequent transmissions, you may want to keep that channel from scanning.

Uniden BC 235XLT User Manual

Wait until the scanner stops at the channel. Then press The scanner immediately resumes scanning because the Press to unlock the channel.

You must be in Manual Mode before restoring all locked-out channels. Press and hold for about two seconds.

You will hear two beeps when all the channels have been restored. Priority Scan When Priority Scan is turned on, your scanner checks the priority channel every two seconds for activity. If a signal is present on the priority channel, your scanner monitors the channel until the transmission ends, then resumes normal scanning. Changing the Priority Channel You cannot eliminate the Priority Channel, but you can change it to any other of the 30 available channels.

Press Select a new Priority Channel. Press and hold for two seconds to designate this channel as your new Chain Search Use Chain Search to find active frequencies in your area.

This gives you flexibility of searching for any channel between 29 and MHz, as long as they are within the 10 frequencies bands covered by the BC60XLT To program a frequency range into one of the five personal Chain Search bands, follow these steps: Press until the search location you want appears in the display.

Enter lower limit of the search band. The display alternates between the upper and lower ranges. If you program the wrong limit, pressthen press again to erase the error and reset the limits to zero. Either press begin your search. Your scanner searches each selected Personal Chain Search band. To turn off a Chain Search band during search scanning, press its location number.


Channel Skip If a particular channel continues to interrupt search scanning, it is possible to set your scanner to skip the frequency. If your scanner stops while searching, press to lockout the frequency from the search range.

You can program 10 skip frequencies. Select one or more of the personal search bands. Press When the scanner stops at the frequency you want, After this step you are in Search Hold mode. Press to resume scanning.

Press to store the frequency in the channel you selected. After this step you are in manual mode. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for all the Search frequencies you want to store. It is not advisable to program a weather frequency into one of the 30 channels since weather channels transmit continuously.

The scanner will remain on the weather channel, disrupting the scanning cycle. Care and Maintenance General Use Turn the scanner off before disconnecting the power or replacing the batteries.

Always write down the programmed frequencies in the event of memory loss. If memory is lost, simply reprogram each channel. The display shows there has been a memory loss.

Repairs Do not attempt any repair. The scanner contains no serviceable parts. Contact the Uniden Customer Service Center or take it to a qualified repair technician. If your scanner stops during Scan mode and no sound is heard, it may be receiving a birdie.

If you still cannot get satisfactory results and want additional information, or to return the unit for service, please call or write the Uniden Parts and Service Division. The address and phone number are listed in the Warranty at the end of this manual, or call Features, Specifications, and availability of optional accessories are all subject to change without notice. Uniden warrants, for one year, to the original retail owner, this Uniden Product to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below.

Covered under one or more of the following U. Printed in the Philippines Page of 37 Go. Where to Obtain More Information. Included with Your Bc23x5lt. Lockout in Manual Mode. Locking a Channel While Scanning. Majual a Locked Out Channel. Restore All Locked-out Channels. Changing the Priority Channel.

Setting a Search Range. Accessories and Replacement Parts. One Kanual Limited Warranty. Add to my manuals Add.


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