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Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey – “ONCE UPON A TIME” IS TIMELESS Etienne de Brabant is brokenhearted. His wife has died in childbirth, leaving him . Journey to faraway fairy tale lands with atmospheric retellings of three beloved tales. Before Midnight revisits Cinderella’s story in France, Golden puts a new. Read Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey and Mahlon F. Craft by Cameron Dokey and Mahlon F. Craft by Cameron Dokey, Mahlon F. Craft for free with a 30 day.

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As many people might say that fairy tales are bull and all, I will never stop believing and I definitely will experience a fairy tale of my own.

The Cinderella Reviews: Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey | Cecily J Sorrel

Feb 27, Meg McGregor rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was not exactly bad, it just lacks an interesting plot, good characters, and progresses so slow. I was enjoying it very much and I ran into a cuss word.

Read reviews that mention upon a time cameron dokey fairy tale time series fairy tales stepmother and stepsisters retelling of cinderella cinderella story old mathilde new twist baby boy version of cinderella retelling of the classic brothers grimm anastasia and amelie father is minight cendrillon admonishes her father daughters amelie mother died love at first sight. Everything was so smartly pieced together, that I couldn’t believe I only read pages.

In this value-priced bind-up of three beloved retellings, readers will journey to faraway fairy tale lands. They were sometimes unexpected and sometimes predictable but they were so beautiful and I loved them.

When the tinker first arrived at the front door of their house I immediately thought of him being Rapunzel’s father! Reviews also on our site: I already moved onto it on the bus but you didn’t hear that from me So I felt myself really resisting the charm of Before Midnight, every time it went a few lines too long describing how pretty or mysterious something was I began to dig in my heels against the whole story.


Smart and Sweet Heroine: And also, that little twist about Pascal and Rhaul was also shocking. The Prince makes a brief appearance, and voila! Jun 27, Jennifer DigiWrit rated it it was ok Shelves: When an invitation to a great ball reaches the family, La Cendrillon’s new cameroh will make a decision with far-reaching effects.

Before Midnight: A Retelling of Cinderella

I found it delightfully unpredictable despite knowing that it’s a Cinderella tale Dokey in the author’s afterword speaks about the origins of the story, from the Brothers Grimm to the older Charles Perrault that gives the true name of Cinderella. His wife has died in childbirth, leaving him alone with an infant daughter he cannot bear to name. Or…perhaps only a close friend?

Her companion since childhood, Raoul also has a mystery behind him and his banter with both her and her new stepsister, Rilla is amusing. Mulan beforw how much her father and stepmother was in love, especially they were expecting a child.

You get the picture. This is a book I can definitely see myself reading again and again in the future.

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In Before Midnight, instead of the stepmother being evil and awful, she’s actually just a heartbroken woman who ends up developing a I LOVED these stories. It is a compilation of three fairy tale re-tellings: Of course…those which were popular get more vote, I remember the top five books includes all of The Selection series.

In this, I felt the author really dropped the ball. It had an awkward writing style with several typos and a lack of conflict resolution distorted the tale too much it seemed to me her step family warmed up to her too fast and were saying how much they loved her before there was really any falling out between them.


It is significantly different than most I enjoy all the various versions of Cinderella, and this version was just as enjoyable to me.

Before Midnight: A Retelling of Cinderella by Cameron Dokey

Cameron Dokey did her research for this book and the way her version goes is the most enjoyable and delightful cinderella story ever done.

This is pretty much my review for all of the books. While unhappy to be sent to Cendrillion’s home due to a forced marriage, they are not difficult in the way you see in Disney movies where’s there’s no good reason to. Not only does Dokey deal with these issues, but she also turns the oft-told story on its head in many unexpected, intriguing, and satisfying ways.

If I had read it first, I might have liked it better. Cendrillon and Raoul are as close as siblings growing up, though both harbor wishes that they’ll one day have a proper family: As mienight my to-read list wasn’t long enough already. I’m such a huge fan of fairy tale retellings and WOW these were some of the most creative and well done retellings I’ve read!

It’s a shame; I love the legend of Mulan. I loved Old Mathilde and all her wisdom. This one seems to be the favourite of most but I find myself disappointed.


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