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For many, the Temple of the Frog is synonymous with Blackmoor. Over the years the Temple of the Frog has been presented in many published versions. DA2: “Temple of the Frog” (), by Dave Arneson and David J. Ritchie, is the second of the four Blackmoor adventure. It was published in. Temple of the Frog (Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor) [Harley Stroh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For thirty years, no name has been more.

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Arneson and David J. The whole set up reminds me of Jonestown – which given “Temple of the Frog” was written in either shows eerie perceptiveness or is pure coincidence as the “People’s Temple Agricultural Project” was still barely started in and didn’t develop its large population and cult enslavement thing until When S1 was written doesn’t change that.

This isn’t all foolish backstory though, as it does give one some idea about the character of the Temple, the region around it Lake Gloomy and the Great Swamp of Milpotential faction intrigue, nlackmoor the town it’s located in – The City of the Brothers of the Swamp. This is enjoyable to me – it’s an escape form the boiled in Tolkienism of Forgotten Realms that has come to dominate the fantasy genre.

Alternatively there is the ‘Fortress Adventure’ or siege adventure, which is still location based but is less about exploration and more about defeating a specific organized foe by entering its fortress and destroying it as a military threat often by defeating its leaders. Before describing the frog temple a templd page spread lays out the hierarchy of the temple and its fate at the hands of the space invaders. I had never heard of this module until recently.

What’s interesting to me on this list is that the December publication of Temple of the Frog means that it was subsequent to the Origin Con and presumably the ‘tournoment’ play of ‘Tomb of Horrors’. Tomb of Horrors is of course the origin, and still a solid example, of this genre.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Some believed it was an incomplete adventure. Firstly, after more research, I’ve come to think that perhaps when I poured a cyclopean mass of tentacled antediluvian horrors into the regions around Blackmoor, I blafkmoor not have been as heretical as I thought. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And here’s a very interesting thing I noticed about virtually fro my players. What lies beneath the is a true horror Room descriptions are similar to those in ‘s City State of the Invincible Overlord, ie, “Store Room, 20×30, six giant rats, 3 gp, 12 sp.


Gus L April 27, at This would present difficulties grog the magical power of the temple to disappear sliding sideways in time with an illusion making blackmpor appear as if the building turned into a frog and leaped off into the swampmeaning that infiltration and subterfuge are the ideal means of invading the temple.

Statistics are only provided for a few enemies, and the entire leadership of the Temple, including the alien High Priest, aren’t stated up. I don’t follow — what’s the significance of whether ToH was written prior to TotF’s publication?

Temple of the Frog

Temple of the Frog at RPGnet. Below the barracks level is a maze of dirt tunnels containing the order of the Keepers and their frogs, frogmen and caverns of somewhat unrelated monsters.

Beneath the temple are two dungeon levels – the first is funny maze of barracks where each level of temple solider has a bizarre hidden meeting spot, a club, filled with naughty paintings, guards and treasure.

It was such an absolute failure as an adventure. thr

Temple of the Frog – 1d4chan

Archived from the original on Guy Fullerton April 26, at 6: Hooked, I sought everything I could find for the game. Retrieved November 26, Or to deal with the first level of the dungeon, where a given barracks room might contain hundreds of men? Gus L April 27, at 9: Treasure is also sometimes well described, especially in the temple levels of the adventure where it consists of large, basically immobile, fixtures of enormous value.

Again this partial order of battle, history and organizational map give context to the adventure and explain its single most important element – all of the temple guardians and priests are brainwashed and wearing mind control rings that allow access to various parts of the temple and dungeon beneath everything is alarmedallow anyone with a higher ranking ring to control them directly and act as a location beacon.

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It is up to the Referee to create a reason for players going there, and that is exactly what Arneson did when he ran it. No wonder this adventure vexed a generation of players.


The DM was expected to run with the ball, and probably wouldn’t have much in the way of notes himself. The same year, Wizards of the Coast released a module called Return to the Temple of the Frog on their website.

I’ve DM’d that module twice. Bllackmoor only reason I see to say Temple of the Frog isn’t the first published ‘ready to play’ adventure would be to denigrate Arneson’s contribution to the game or because one disliked the content.

Temple is an embryo of what I think black,oor module design is, but frankly if you’re writing something today I want a full meal, not just a hard-boiled egg.

ToH was drafted and written in part as a response to the request of a player of Arneson’s named Stephen Rocheford Stephen the Rock to play a social engineering alien character similar to a Star Trek character who was an earth professor who used his knowledge of history to take over a planet. Besiege and storm it, fire, magic and mayhem – kill everything that moves. Froy a famous library not valued, but yeah at least another K GP and a pipe organ worth even more in the temple – of course invading, rather then infiltrating it is going to be hard as these things all weigh tons and moreover the 1, soldiers of the Frog Temple will likely retreat here and the whole building is going to disappear, and reappear due to it’s magical powers when threatened – allowing those 1, guard or the remaining after the siege to be ready for intruders, stocked for siege.

This version is better fleshed out, but suffers from heavy railroading, the intro monologue to the players being several pages long. Should anyone be interested more specific info from myself and others hlackmoor be found on the Blackmoor forum and a bit on my Hidden in Shadows blog.

Herein lies the problem with the Temple of the Frog: My inspiration eventually was from an old episode of the original Star Trek television series.


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