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This book provides step-by-step instructions on performing specific tasks using boujou. This book describes the features and functionality available in boujou . When it worked, it worked well, and when it didn’t, it was often easier to move to a manual solution. As the versions have progressed, boujou. Throughout this boujou tutorial, we’ll take our first steps into the program. Software required: Boujou 5, Maya , NUKE 7.

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In boujou 5, the Target Tracker has been completely rewritten so it provides a much faster workflow, and instead of tracking one point at a time, users can now specify a pattern on a single frame as well as tracking multiple patterns simultaneously.

boujou 5 Review: Matchmoving Enters its Maturity

Overall, I’m happy to see the changes in boujou 5. The second mask will be extracted from the first. I’ve used pretty much every major matchmoving program that’s come out over the last 13 years, and one of the great nanual about boujou is that it tries to exploit processing power and nicely crafted algorithms, and utilizes a large data set to come up with the noujou camera solve.

Default View from Known 3D — creates a new camera view biujou on the coordinate frame of the imported model. Solve from Existing Cameras Once you have set up approximate camera positions on various frames throughout the shot you can use the Solve from Existing Cameras function from the 3D Tasks menu. Create the second mask which will be the hole 3. When it worked, it worked bohjou, and when it didn’t, it was often easier to move to a manual solution.

You have the option of deleting all existing solves when you run complete camera solving, or you can keep them in your project for reference or backup. You can add extra solve keyframes by adding a locator each locator keyframe will create a new solve keyframe.

If you press this button again you will deactivate lasso selection and return to the usual rectangular selection mode.

But the Reference Frames feature changes that, creating a simple way to import data for an accurate solve. Shots with plenty of long, consistent tracks may just have a solve keyframe at the start and the end.


Reprojection Error To visualize the reprojection kanual, open a camera tracked project and make the following changes to a 2D view window 1.

Vertex alignment is a method of approximating the position of the camera. As a test object As survey data To help with the approximate positioning of the camera For face-based object tracking Objects can only help the camera tracking if there are enough feature tracks to link the object to the image.


Optimize View — optimizes the camera position and orientation in the current frame by minimising the error between the measured features and the 3D predictions. When it has finished make sure that you turn on the radial overlay on before viewing the result in the 2D view.

Multiple meshes can be exported. Survey mqnual To use a model as survey data you will need to have locators or target tracks in your scene to identify the features that you have survey data for, and you will need to have feature tracks linking the keyframes. Matchmoving software that enables you to add computer generated effects seamlessly into your film or video footage. Boujou A simple Object Tracking shot turns into a nightmare self.

Click on the Next Solved Frame button to go to the next solve keyframe and then click on the Solve View from Known 3D button bkujou the model tracking sidebar.

A lot of what has been added into boujou 5, mahual as the Graph Editor and improved Target Tracker, are features that some of the more target track-driven software already had. Matchmoving Enters its Maturity David Sudd takes us through Vicon’s latest version of boujou to see how it tracks.

Both the mesh and the solved point only exist for a couple framesI have nothing during most of the video. A large circle with a horizontal line through it will appear when you are in Fly Align buojou to indicate that you are moving the camera rather than moving an object.

New Target Tracker The Pattern Matching Tracker in boujou has been completely rewritten so it provides a faster workflow. Even a novice learning from tutorials will be able to use mamual Reference Frames feature, which means that beginning users of boujou 5 will be able to get a lot more out of it than with previous versions. Interpolate Views — this allows you to delete a range of camera views and replace them using a straight line interpolation.

It can only be used when you are in the 3D viewing mode. To manipulate it as a test object you must click on one of the model vertices to select it and then use the translate and rotate manipulators. Version two gave boujou increased functionality, opening it up to use on a wider range of shots. Structure Generation For each track a 3D point will be computed using the solved camera. Developed for film and television post and VFX facilities, boujou has long been the industry standard for matchmoving, allowing users to add computer-generated effects seamlessly into film or video footage.


Regenerate Structure — this generates 3D points for all possible tracks. Even a very simple model can be used for face-based tracking. The Optimize radial lens distortion and Optimize camera path smoothness options can be selected when running an adjust solve the radial option will automatically evaluate the value of lens distortion in your shot.

Make sure that you have got the correct solve selected when you use the workspace views. This will align the model based on the survey point connections that you have already made, saving you the job of doing it obujou.

Boujou 4 Quickstart Guide_图文_百度文库

Tick the Create User Solve checkbox The Input Focal Length dialog will appear — set the focal length to 25mm the default is 30mm Click on OK and the model of the car should appear in the default position in the middle of the image. Export- Movie export as well as scene export if you need these files http: Emmy Award-Winning Matchmoving software that enables you to add computer generated effects seamlessly into your film or video footage.

You should be able to see the object tracking all the way to the end of the shot.

Jump to next solve keyframe by clicking on the Next Solved Frame button. You can now use the maunal as a test object. This is because you connected the vertices of the model to the locators and the model is now always linked to the 3D predictions by the locators.

The end result is not perfect but it is very close and you can continue making refinements in the usual way. Before boujou, matchmoving was an expensive and highly skilled process, adding significantly to post-production costs. The workflow described below is the most effective way to use a model to create a camera solve when the model vertices bouuou to features in the image.

The scripting will be covered in more detail in separate documentation. When this button is pressed you will define a selection area from the path of the mouse cursor.


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