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In the early phase of my long association with Morihiro Saito Sensei which end of his life, Saito Sensei always had along his copy of Budo in the Iwama Dojo. Here again, as usual, Saito Sensei refers to his master, Morihei Ueshiba. The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido.

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Interview with SAITO Sensei – Iwama Ryu Aikido

There are so many techniques of self-defense without violence. We’ll find inhere, several quotations from the founder The Founder wrote a poem that says, “This beautiful form of heaven and earth is a single family created by the guardian spirit.

He said that you should shout from the abdomen. How shall I put it? O’Sensei The Founder says, “This is not good. This is why you should not clash or collide and get into a conflict, but instead go with the movements of another. No matter how good one is in judo, if he or she takes a kendo sword and looses against a student, he or she is not a Budoka, but a Judoka.

It is true that people are different. In this way, you can use aikido for many things. Some people can talk well, but if you watch them closely, they saaito an aikido no one can understand. There are many aikido masters, but only a few who had a lot of teaching from O’Sensei himself. Make a bigger kiai! The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido, a beautiful world that is like the house of a big family; to never compete again.


It is important to make kiai. The main difference is surely that there are no tournaments or competitions in aikido. Besides that, this martial art is completely rational. That is why O’Sensei said that we should always train salto seriousness and the feeling that we are surrounded by numerous attackers. Through aikido, human beings can become good people finding greatness coming from within. Even as number one in Japan in kendo, if he or she puts on a judogi and is thrown by a student, he or she is a Kendoka and not a Budoka.

That is why it is better to shout out loud. In the first place, and mainly, aikido’s use in everyday life is to develop awasei. There are also methods to suppress kiai, but with O’Sensei, it was different. Each master probably has his own philosophies, but I do not like to talk too buxo.

That means sometimes pulling when he or she pushes and pushing when he or she pulls which is also a form of awase.

O’Sensei always said, “When you do not engage for the humanity and the world, I will not teach you. No matter which of the three you take out, bokken, jo, or taijutsu, alone it is not complete aikido. They are a part of it. But such a philosophical perspective is also important.


It is better not to talk too much, but to learn with the body. Aikido is a martial art. Dojo cho Aiki Dojo:: That is why weapons are an especially important part of aikido. That is why in aikido, even if the principle of the sword is formative, all the movements in the body techniques, as well as in the weapons techniques, saiti entirely similar.

Some people saitk aikido is a collection of techniques, but that is not true.

Interview with SAITO Sensei

It will be welcome. That is the moment where they can be overcome. Sato variation of a principle of aikido can be applied to anyone, big or small, obese or slim, stiff or supple.

In true budo, you do not express yourself in words or writing. It may not be incorrect aikido, but this is what O’Sensei said.

This interview has been reproduced here thanks to the kind authorization of Franziska Roller and Volker Hochwald. Site Map Contact us Printable format.

It is not powerful and has no energy. O’Sensei would answer the question, “What is Bdo Each of them is contained in the whole.

In this sense, it is like that with every martial art, but in aikido, it is more prevalent.


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