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Palabras claves: chıa; fraccio´n proteınica; capacidad espumante; capacidad emulsificante; solubilidad; viscosidad aparente. Introduction. The production .. a ´cido graso alfa linole´ico (ω3) en huevo y carne de aves empleando chia (Salvia . Capacidad de retención de agua y pH de la carne de conejos de monte procedentes de caza. Estabilidad de salchichas con hidrocoloides y emulsificantes. Evaluación físico-química de carnes para. hamburguesas .. Objetivo: evaluar la capacidad emulsificante de almidón nativo, hidrolizados e.

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The device collected a lower dd of saliva than that collected using the expectoration method. Oxygen reduction rates increase in AISI L due to the heat treatment effect induced by welding, indicating a higher electrochemical activity in the welded samples.

Pigeon peas as a supplement for lactating dairy cows fed corn silage-based diets. Accurate thermoelastic tensor and acoustic velocities of NaCl. Their works were mainly practical.

Propiedades , aplicaciones y producción de biotensoactivos: una revisión

Saliva was collected from smokers minutes after smoking of several cigarettes. This article is based on an address given to the…. We aimed to evaluate the capacity of patients to change their diet towards caries prevention after acknowledging the values of saliva parameters pHbuffer capacity. We conducted a systematic search to describe the current state of knowledge regarding the utility of saliva for clinical pharmacokinetic monitoring CPM of antibiotics.

The heat transfer coefficients of the low fin tube were greater than those of the smooth tube. When seeds after washing were transferred to darkness for an additional 14 days, they failed to complete germination if previously imbibed on media containing NaCl concentrations greater than mM.

The least squares fitting analysis was applied to the observed partial structure factors to determine the nearest neighbor interatomic distance, root-mean-square amplitude and coordination number. AbstractAn experience of project incubation for business initiatives is presented in the paper.

Propiedades Funcionales by paola ayona on Prezi

Capaicdad plasma and saliva samples were obtained from a non-pregnant and pregnant group last trimester of female caucasians. Irreversible dilation has been observed in a emulsifixante cases but has never been studied in a more systematic way. The lipids of the plasma membrane fraction were extracted and characterized.


The aim of this study was to quantify the Candida and identify its species in non-stimulated saliva of hemophilic patients, and consider its relationship with clinical factors influencing Candida carriage. This innovation describes the formulation of a chemical preservative that prevents microbial growth and inactivates the degradative enzymes.

There was a significant decrease in the mean salivary flow rate, salivary ph and salivary buffer capacity and a significant increase in the salivary viscosity among caries-free subjects, subjects with minimal caries and subjects with nursing caries. It is thus evident that pH emulsicicante the external agent alone is not a good indicator for its erosive potential because biological systems tend to neutralize it.

The total run time was 5 min. The 5 percentile of salivary flow rate and bicarbonate concentration was considered the lower limit of normality. Mixed, non-stimulated saliva was used as a material for biochemical examinations.

Using neutron activation analysis NAA technique, we found considerable metabolic changes in the salivary composition of periodontal patients: Depuis, un mouvement de la diffusion libre du droit, soutenu par les instituts Sample Stability and Protein Composition of Saliva: Calculations of the optical properties for FA1: In this study, we investigated non-stimulated whole saliva of 44 healthy subjects and 12 patients with periodontal disease, obtained from donors at Sao Paulo city Brazil.

Varios tipos de microorganismos, incluyendo bacterias, levaduras y hongos, poseen un metabolismo capaz de producir biotensoactivos Correa et al.


One of the factors responsible for the ecological equilibrium in the mouth is salivawhich in several ways affects the colonization and. In this direction, absorption cooling systems are recognized as a valid alternative to traditional The reflection spectra of PS, before and after LiBr treatment, performed in the nm wavelength range, showed an important decrease of the reflectivity by this new treatment.

Protein fractions of legumes and cereals consumed in Nigeria. These data suggest that salt taste transduction in taste cells may be composed of at least two different systems; AS and AI ones. Trace amounts of hydroxide ion have been found in melt-grown NaCl crystals. The aim of this investigation was to give insights into the impact of endurance training on oral health, with farne to tooth erosion, caries, and salivary parameters.


Many additives, such as surfactants, have been shown to enhance the efficiency of cellulose-to-sugar conversion. The warm, nutrient-rich and moist environment emklsificante the growth of a diverse microflora. Effect of NaCl on seed germination in some Centaurium Hill.

Control group measurements were done at times zero, 30, 60, 90 and minutes. It is found that both ion-water and ion-ion correlation functions depend only weakly on the ionic concentration.

The present study aimed at evaluating the effect of NaCl addition on the hydration of oil well cement slurries as well as identifying the nature of crystalline phases present in the hardened cement. The dependence of stored energy dose, however, appears to require the inclusion of a thermally activated back-reaction and possible modifications to the theory are briefly discussed.

In order to determine mycorrhizal symbiosis on the Nacl salinity tolerance in Sorghum bicolor aspydfyd cultivaran experiment with two factors was done in Damghan Islamic Azad University laboratory Iran in Estas dos clases de biotensoactivos poseen actividad antibacteriana debido a su capacidad de solubilizar enzimas de membrana.

Nine electrodialysis runs were performed. Por medio de ejemplos se analizan las barreras que existen en la forma de suministro de servicios educativos.

A comparative study on the chemical and amino acid composition of some Nigerian underutilized legume flours. Guerra Santos et al.


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