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This weekend is your LAST CHANCE to purchase any Design Lab Snare and receive a FREE online lesson with a Mapex Art h December 29, on. the Mapex Saturn IV line that will provide pro-level performance to players . Colors shown in this catalog are representative only, and may not be exactly the . MPX-MARS Colors shown in this catalog are representative only, and may not be exactly the same as the original. No part of this catalog may be reprinted.

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It is available with Chrome, Black Nickel and kt.

Pad de práctica MA-PD12, 12 pulgadas

These two lines sharing the same first name of “Meridian” is probably the cause of this misconception. This new edge allows the drumhead to sit flatter and brings out an improved response by optimizing the relationship between head and shell.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As of early the Orion line was discontinued. For a short time Mapex also offered the “Deep Cataalogo line of drums, built entirely out of Walnut or Cherry plies, as well as mqpex Aquiles Priester signature drum kit.


With the exception of the 15th Anniversary edition Pro-M with a production run of worldwide, this set was given the figured Birdseye Maple finish of the Orion in Autumn or Jade Fade.

The difference is in the construction of the head. Starting inMaapex and Orions came with Remo Emperor heads on the toms and clear Ambassadors for the resonant heads.

The aluminium hoop was folded over a steel ring that is inserted in the U-channel to hold the film in place. Mapex has been in the drum making industry since The Orion Series is an all-maple 6. The Orion received Mapex’s figured birdseye maple or other such exotic wood finishes, while the Pro-M received mapfx North American maple finish ply.

Whereas the US heads were made using a poured channel technique, the China heads were crimped. Saturn kits come in a variety of lacquer and wrap finishes including bursts, sparkles and fades and come with the option of kapex or chrome hardware.

Archived 2 January at the Wayback Machine.

Stock en Tiendas

These entry-level, yet highly regarded kits have improved their lugs, mounts, badges and bass drum claws. As of April cataloggo, four models were produced: This left the Black Panther kits as the top Mapex line available. Although they are priced as midrange drums, they are considered a fully professional kit and used catallgo recording artists such as Chris Adler from Lamb of Godwho recently switched over to the new Black Panther line of drums.

The Maple line has several higher end features taken from the previous Pro-M line and the Birch line carries forward the M-Birch features. It is Mapex’s flagship series and is also the most versatile kit available from Mapex as each kit can only be ordered by components. It shares a number of options with both the Mars and Orion line, but is not available with birdseye maple plies.


A newly available Mapex cymbal pack is optional with any of these kits. The Saturn line is constructed of maple and walnut the oldest lines were made of basswood instead of walnut.

The relative rarity of the LE and SE kits is increasing their value and they are considered by some to be the finest Saturn kits ever made. All Pro-Ms received a changed ply configuration and thickness resulting in an overall shell thickness of 5. This level of customization is usually only found in high-end drum lines.

This was put in place to showcase the mapexx sonic capabilities of the drums right when they are in stores. Archived 15 January at the Wayback Machine. Mapex produces seven different lines of drums: This article needs additional citations for verification. The Orions are actually priced lower than most of their high-end market competition.


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