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Chlopiec z latawcem [Khaled Hosseini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Afganistan lata 70 Dwunastoletni Amir syn zamoznego Pasztuna. Chlopiec z latawcem on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chłopiec z latawcem by Khaled Hosseini, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [I’m confused on the circumstances of Baba being Hassan’s father. Ask and answer questions about books! Phil Laurette It depends on the young adult.

Furthermore, he already knew he was not a virtuous person.

Even though Amir did not identify Hassan as his brother, their bond could not have been …more In most cultures, family loyalty rests above friendship.

If the book influenced you in any way on a personal level, would you please share how? For one, he only saw Hassan as a servant, not a friend or brother, and treated him like one latacem.

I had read very good reviews about the book and so, I decided to go back and read it a second time latawccem test its reflection into me. I’m a bot hesitant because the movie made me bawl out my eyes.

Chłopiec z latawcem — Reader Q&A

There are a number of disturbing events including rape, brutal beatings and public executions. The book provides better descriptions and the relationships between characters are much more developed. To me it resonated with an ugly part of humanity and this was the prevailing feeling I had in the end. I clopiec see the puffiness the next day.

Is this a YA book? Definitely not a “fun” novel to read purely for pleasure. I watched the movie a few years ago and I can still remember everything that happened. The writing is deep, there are no needless pieces of information and his ability to convey the characters is done in such an impactful way.

Is there anything that was left out?

I have recently finished reading all three of Hosseini’s books and I am looking for book recommendations with a similar style of writing. I concluded that Baba, being in a higher social and economic class, could take her sexually and he did.


Did he impregnate Hassan’s mother intentionally because Ali was sterile, or because Baba had a tryst with Hassan’s mother? He had no real grasp of reality so he feared everything.

Load 5 more questions.

Sam In most cultures, family loyalty rests above friendship. Does anyone have any recommendations? Rachel Lively Although it’s a sad book, I definitely think chlopeic should read it! Even though Amir did not identify Hassan as his brother, their bond could not have been anything but brotherly. These things are uncomfortable for adults to read and although it is a work of fiction it is written in such a graphic and believable voice that it is hard to separate yourself from the idea that it is based on actual events.

I felt like I was alongside Amir and Hassan through everything, which isn’t something you can get through the movie. These things are …more It depends on the young adult. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Finally, Amir’s cowardice was part of his nature. He grew up in spendor and did not know the hardships others had to face. That’s not supported in the text and seems contrary to the culture, though I’m no …more I don’t believe Baba impregnated Latawcdm mother on Ali’s behalf.

Overall, I was left with the sense that once within the hateful iron bars of a country, a community, a miserable life, there is nothing you can do about it.

Chłopiec z latawcem

Amir grew up hiding from his problems in imaginary lands and fiction. If not is there anything in it that makes it inappropriate for teens?

You know, it might seem strange but would you, please, give a read to ‘The Girl You Would regret Not Knowing’, the book i published several days ago? Hosseini is able to captivate and keep you hooked on a character. So, unfortunately not only did it not help me see possible knots in my life in a warmer positive light, it, on the contrary, left me with the feeling that some lives are doomed to be wasted. I had read very good reviews …more Actually, no. My traumatized characters eventually found their way to light.


Should I read it anyway? In addition, Amir only wanted people to accept him and give him attention.

That said, I have questions about another passage where soldiers tease Hassan about knowing his mother sexually. Did reading The Kite Runner, being a book about traumatised characters, help you with your own trauma? See Featured Authors Answering Questions.

You really have to decide for yourself whether your young adult is mature enough to digest such possible realities. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [If Amir had known that Hassan was his half-brother at the beginning of the novel, do you think his reaction would have been different when Hassan had been raped?

Like Evelyn said, I think that conclusion is supported by some passages about honor and pride when the fact is revealed. Jeffrey This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ I don’t believe Baba impregnated Hassan’s mother on Ali’s behalf. I read it myself before allowing my kids to read it and for me my 15 year old could handle it but many could not. I respectfully disagree with Evelyn, however, about Hassan’s mom seducing Baba. Maybe that was just banter, but the way it’s written I think there’s a hint that they really did know her and said something to Hassan because they knew exactly who his mother was.

That’s not supported in the text and seems contrary to the culture, though I’m no expert.


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