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Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story [Clive Barker] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Film’s most popular action hero needs a place. [Clive Barker] is a mapmaker of the mind, charting the farthest reaches of the imagination.”— Share This Title: Coldheart Canyon. Read a Sample. A novel written by Clive Barker, Coldheart Canyon centers around a failing action hero who goes in for plastic surgery in an attempt to revitalize his career.

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There’s going to be an awful lot of people who are going to be tracking this book and saying, ‘Oh fuck, I hope I’m not in here! And not just sex either. The second part of the story begins in the yearwhen failing movie star Todd Pickett decides to undergo plastic surgery to make himself look younger as prelude to his professional comeback.

In this book, as in no other I have written, I move back and forth between a world of wild fantasy and the world I live in. The spirit of Katya Lupi, the beautiful ex-moviestar makes her presence more and often.

People who canyin it have tended to be people who liked the older Clive actually: Igt was like falling down the rabbit hole and finding the biggest orgy on earth. In early February Barker fell into a cive after a dentist visit led to blood poisoning. Jun 30, Rebekkila rated it liked it Shelves: Of course there are exceptions.

Barker has written books this long or longer and they had more punch, better characters, and didn’t FEEL as long as they were. Todd’s dog Dempsey for one: Clive baker’s mind is like a den of sordid pleasures, but he makes his written work so addictive! The sections that take place there are exciting, even ccanyon the writing quality is lacking. I think a lot of art has gone to be replaced with an awful lot of calculations. Trivia About Coldheart Canyon.

Coldheart Canyon

His later works are a lot cleaner and tend to miss the real spirit of the earlier works. And it has some of the most violent scenes. So many subplots converge that the characters, forced to react to one gruesome or miraculous event after another, lose coherence. But, sadly, his characters are bland stereotypes of Hollywood types we see in satires like The Player or something doldheart. Titles stay in my head and I play with them and play with them and eventually I’m certain of them.


View all 4 comments. If not it should be! Paperbackpages. A Hollywood star retreats to a haunted mansion in a long-forgotten canyon on the outskirts of Hollywood, and codheart ghosts have spent the past several decades having sex in every way imaginable. The star’s agent was bitchy, The producer was a self-centered egomaniac and so on. It bore absolutely no relation to the story and, as far as I could see, what entirely unnecessary.

Clive on Coldheart Canyon

I talk about what’s been lost fondly, I also talk about And as bad as I feel for poor Mr. It’s not a horror book but it certainly has its dark portions.

The idea of barkeer Hollywood icons haunting this mansion and beseeching the attention of its owner was good, in basic theory, minus the fact that they just wanted to have unbelievably aberrant sex with each other. Fans were notified on his Twitter page about some of the experience and that Barker was recovering after the ordeal, but left with many strange visions. Assembled from thousands of painted tiles, that room—brought to California in the s from an ancient monastery in Romania—is literally alive with evil; cliv tiles depict a world that mortals may enter, and within which the Queen of Hell has condemned a nobleman to hunt forever, or until he entraps her son.

For a longer novel, it seemed to fly by.

Coldheart Canyon (Literature) – TV Tropes

What I promise you is that it will give you an insider’s glimpse into how Hollwood works. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Read all my reviews at goldstarforrobotboy. The most interesting character, and I mean this in a relative way, is an obsessed fan who actually has a pretty good character arc throughout the course of the novel. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m delighted to be able to say that the book is going to contain a very strong lesbian monster and a range of sexual tastes that will be startling even to those already familiar with the eroticism in my work.


The house holds more than one secret though as Todd Pickett the movie star will soon discover.

This one really luxuriates in tangential stuff. Lord knows I’ve read sick, grand guignol stuff before.

Its graphic depiction of violence and frank handling of sexuality was new to me, and the way Barker suffused each of the stories — even the most sensational ones — with a sense of creeping dread haunted my waking and sleeping moments alike.

It comes out, I think, November, The procedure goes horribly, grotesquely wrong. This article about a horror novel of the s is a stub. For one it takes entirely too long to get started. It would have been a much more enjoyable read had Barker decided to leave out all the bumf. The problem is, when you have your main characters, whom you’re supposed to be rooting for, engaged in unbelievably salacious behavior coldhrart 20 pages on end and then you try to get us to cry for them somehow at some other point, you’ve totally lost us.

I thought, ‘Oh my God, what have I done! Was it perhaps a simple demonstration of how perverse and evil Katya is? This book has left my mind in a state of turmoil, thoughts and ideas tripping over themselves to get to the forefront of my brain.

Barker makes up barkeer this uncharacteristic gaffe by creating a truly unique and rich world full of horror and beauty. Film’s most popular action hero needs a place to heal after his surgery has gone terribly wrong.

I have extremely mixed feelings about the film business.


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