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CNW Marketing Research Inc. spent two years collecting data on the energy That’s the conclusion of long-term study of “dust to dust” energy costs for cars and . Some organization called CNW Marketing Research Inc. has published an ” analysis” of the total energy consumption of various kinds of cars. 8 This is in part because 6 Dust to Dust Rep CNW Marketing Research Inc Web 19 from ENVS at University of Oregon.

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Automobile energy cost – Dust to Dust report

Automobile energy cost – Dust to Dust report. CNWMR calculates most expenses occur during construction and disposal, not during operation.

Andrew Mason Science Advisor. AlephZeroAug 2, Don’t show this again. A new paper refutes a duts that claims the Toyota Prius uses more energy than a Hummer. Major clients included Gannett Newspapers, Time Inc.

Yes, my password is: Bandon, OregonUnited States. The Wall Street Journalvia wsj.

It’s not just that CNW’s comparison is wrong, it’s that the numbers themselves are wrong. The fact that they’re not advocating stricter regulation to tie production costs to purchase costs or driving the cmw, efficient conventional cars that their report suggests seems to indicate that they take this study’s conclusions about as seriously as I do. Jul 28, 3. The Washington Postvia highbeam. Jul 28, 2.


As for the overview that you gave in your post, it’s horrendously incomplete not your fault. The trade-off gets even more favorable when you start comparing gas prices five to ten years from now. Jul 29, 4.

Jul 31, 6. DangerAug 1, The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet! I’m averaging 25, miles a year, and I doubt my car is headed to the crusher just three years from now. Log in No account? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your name or email address: The Wiki article on the Prius does have a section regarding the nickel production and states assumptions that were made were in error.

Toyota can claim what they want about the prius, but their suppliers still dump chw dioxide into the air to produce the batteries.

FredGarvinAug 1, The company’s website lists only a Bandon, Oregon P. The transmission is six fixed gears so there’s very little to wear out. Everyone who loves science is here!

Automobile energy cost – Dust to Dust report | Physics Forums

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The byproducts of nickel smelting and the production of nickel foam. I’d be really skeptical that the batteries last that long 8 years is a LONG time for those batteries to last. In CNW duwt that a Prius had an expected lifetime ofmiles and an H2 had an expected lifetime ofmiles. Archived from the original on Archived from the original PDF on The battery is warranted tomiles in California.


‘Dust to dust’ is dust: Prius uses less energy than Hummer – CNET

Will a set of Prius batteries last formiles? There’s no damned way in the world that I’m going to read pages of anything on line. So the next time someone says, “You know what, a Prius uses more energy than a Hummer,” you’ve got plenty of fuel to tell them they’re completely wrong.

Aug 1, Anyone still quoting the figures is either negligent or not being a good faith actor. Themile figure for the Prius is truly bizarre, as many people have documented their Priuses getting well over this number.

Archived from the duet XLS on


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