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The Collected Works of Billy the Kid has ratings and reviews. Michael said: This is a portrait of Billy the Kid as reflected in a thousand piec. Drawing on contemporary accounts, period photographs, dime novels, and his own prodigious fund of empathy and imagination, Michael Ondaatje’s visionary. THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BILLY THE KID. Anne Blott. Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is a montage of techniques designed to.

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So I have this thing where my eyes start to skitter past lines if I’m tackling something heavy. And the metrically structured stuff is rooted in the context of the rest of it. Views Read Edit View history.

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

The title page of The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is framed with a thick black line, and every picture in the text is so blocked. It’s raw, funny, and frightening all in one go.

He has blown off the left side of his face in an accident with his rifle; alone in the desert, as he drinks water it pours out of his ear. Poor young William’s dead with blood planets in his head with a fish stare, with a giggle like he said.

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid | The Canadian Encyclopedia

This second rhythm later reverberates brokenly in one of Billy’s flash-forwards to his death:. Charlie took my hat and went out to get wood and feed the horses. I’ll never forget him complaining about the sound of candies being unwrapped during class. This metaphor of the camera, with its shutter cutting off the source of light and life, everywhere informs the text.

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid by Michael Ondaatje | : Books

Still every animal that came within a certain radius of that house was given a welcome–the tame, the half born, the wild, the wounded. And yet, Even though dead they buried him in leg irons.

Garrett is devoted to the act of killing Billy; he was an “ideal assassin for his mind was unwarped” p. For more book reviews and exclusive author interviews, go to BookBanter. From his eyes you could tell nothing at all” p. The prose, on the other hand was wonderful, and I wish there had been more of both because by the time I got used to the two together, the book was over.


I can’t say I came away from my first reading understanding what Ondaatje is doing all of the time. The boxes and frames that fix dead Billy, like the photograph taken of him with life escaping out of focus, catch onIy distorted fragments.

It creates a collage that is intended to portray the mind of Billy the Kid, and is tender and brutal at the same time. Or in the East have seen the dark grey yards where trains are fitted and the clean speed of machines that make machines, their red golden pouring which when cooled mists out to rust or grey.

This book does not try to fill in all the spaces, it’s a brief assemblage of images and graphic episodes. Curling into balls, pouring like waves across a tablecloth” p. Garrett writes abut Billy: Many poems complete on a page have no terminal punctuation, workss narrative or meditative flow unstopped.

Burning me like dry ice” p. The violence of his life is fixed in history, and his initial statement in the book catalogues reality – first his own victims, then those killed by enemies:. So many reviewers here talk about re-reading, and I think I may have to do so myself. Third is the following sequel, picking up exactly where the story had been left and carrying it forward:.

Although I recently found a copybook full of poems I wrote about aged ten, but I think that was instigated by some competition in school. The killer Billy the Kid is a photographer, like Huffman fascinated by the look of motion frozen into form, as in his examination of Angela D’s split arm: I cannot explain myself properly in an “encouraging you to actually read this book” sorta way though that is what I intend to do without literally showing you what you are missing.

My parents got me reading early, I feel like I was reading books quite early. He tried for 5 minutes to get the reigns on the last horse but kept missing. Two half-blind owls are first seen as one, as Billy recalls that all he could see were its eyes “at least 8″ apart” p. Traditional novels starring legendary figures out of history often fill in too many of the blanks, either inflating the legend further with far-fetched inventions or deflating the legend with mundane, unnecessary details.


Not that she ondsatje not have enough animals. Return to Book Page. The following scene from the sequence has a circular completeness on the page. On its release, the volume received largely positive reviews. In both the single, mirrored stanza and the Garrett passage, Ondaatje uses the page and facing page as his formal unit, the frame for his scene. Ten miles north of it ten miles south.

I have a theory about my difficulties with poetry. In a new afterword Ondaatje reveals that he did almost no outside research prior to or during writing. Miss Angela D has a mouth like a bee she eats and off all your honey her teeth leave a sting on your very best thing and its best when she gets the best money That’s right-Pynchon-y, am I wrong?

Violent and beautiful at the same time.

Sometimes a normal forehead in front of me leaked brain gasses” p. You should read this to find out how. And I sat there for three days not moving an inch, like some dead tree witnessing the tides or the sun and the moon taking over from each other as the house in front of me changed colour – the night, the early morning yellow, the gradual move to dark blue at 11 o clock the new white 4 o clock sun let in, later the gradual growing dark again.

Billy’s camera eye is only one emblem of the mechanization of nature; the machine metaphors expand in descriptions of sex and guns. Ironside rated it it was amazing Shelves: Through this montage of effects, the poet focusses with increasing intensity on the operations of perception and memory.

His mind learned to be superior because of the excessive mistakes of those around him. Seems to me too many of thems that write it see a reader enjoying their work as a sign they did it wrong.


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