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Cisco / Aruba / Colubris. 1 posts by 1 authors in: Forums > CWNA – Enterprise Wi- Fi Admin Last Post: April 16, By horizon April 16, The HP ProCurve/Colubris MSCs/ MSM , , 7xx will provide radius proxy support for the Cisco AP x/WPA and for any EAP protocol. Colubris products provide wireless access, management, and security, HP and other networking vendors will have to catch Cisco in its ability.

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Juniper & Aruba Secure Partnership | Light Reading

Future of Cable Business Services. Partner Perspectives – content from cisc sponsors. Colubris MAPs are unique in that they offer the industry’s highest degree of flexibility and configurability while also offering unprecedented ease of deployment and management. When deployed as part of a Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution, Colubris MAPs securely and automatically associate themselves with a Colubris MSC which, in turn, automatically synchronizes and propagates all configuration settings and software revisions to the MAPs.

You colubrie need a free account with each service to share an item via that cidco. Colubris 12 port Power Injector:. Telecom Innovators Video Showcase. On the carrier side, Juniper has a public access hotspot deal with Colubris, a company that has been particularly quiet of late. See Juniper Gets Funky. In addition to these centralized management and control features, Colubris MAPs feature comprehensive client device monitoring and powerful troubleshooting tools that minimize operational costs:.

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In addition to these centralized management and control features, Colubris MAPs feature comprehensive client device monitoring and powerful troubleshooting tools that minimize operational costs: Wi-Fi switch maker Trapeze has launched a stand-alone system to allow businesses to manage up to 10, visitors on their wireless network — just in time to handle a surge in portable Wi-Fi devices.

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Customers can configure each radio independently to operate in one of several modes:. Managing guest access has become even more important with the proliferation of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices including dual-mode phones such as the Apple iPhone wrongly blamed for crashing Duke University’s network in July and other devices such as the Wi-Fi iPod announced this week. View our privacy policy before signing up. Alternatively, they may be independently managed using the embedded browser-based GUI or command line interface.


I might be incorrect but didn’t Cisco purchase AirSpace, Aruba’s main competitors, some time back? When deployed as part of a Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution, they create a centrally managed multiservice WLAN infrastructure with seamless roaming between MAPs and the ability to establish Virtual Service Communities VSCs -discrete groups of network users with assigned service policies tuned to meet their shared application and service needs.

Post a Comment Read 0. Post a Comment Read 2 comments. Simple Deployment, Easy Management Colubris MAPs are easier to deploy and to manage than conventional access points, thanks to their plug-and-play and centralized management features. In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist. In addition to offering a couple of home-grown WiFi products, it also has a deal with Meru for voice-over-wireless-LAN technology.

Colubris’s product can support up to a thousand different receptionists in a distributed enterprise, said Blume.

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The Many Faces of Digital Transformation. I need power and lots of it. Huawei Video Resource Center. For this particular part of the Wi-Fi puzzle, Trapeze probably has a bigger competitor in Colubris, a vendor which initially sold to Wi-Fi hotspot providers with an enterprise product, and added a Visitor Management Tool derived from its hotspot experience late in Netscout Video Resource Center.

The GuestPass system can be accessed on a web page, by administrative staff including receptionists, said Coci, offloading the task from network administrators. Because they support dynamic Local Mesh, MAPs can be installed in areas where Ethernet cabling is either unavailable or cost-prohibitive.

Access point infrastructure mode; Dynamic Local Mesh; and Simultaneous access point plus Local Mesh, in which a single radio shares bandwidth between servicing clients and backhauling traffic to another access point.


Three million mobile Internet devices will ship ingrowing to 90 million units inaccording Stan Schatt, vice president of Network Research at ABI Research: GuestPass costs less than the price of an access point.

Colubris 12 port Power Injector: Melkote says that the pact could be beneficial for both companies in taking on Cisco, the partners’ chief rival in this end of the market. Multi Service Access Points.

The Colubris Solution ensures each service is consistently delivered by each MAP, while traffic is segmented for security. A client event log provides a detailed history of 79 different association, security and DHCP handshake events for each client.

Trapeze plans to welcome Wi-Fi guests

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Startups initially rule the space, but Cisco and Juniper, along with IBM and others, have recently begun to jump in.

Wireless LAN switching startup Aruba Networks has inked a partnership deal with networking big fish Juniper Networks to jointly sell and market WiFi security equipment to enterprise customers.

While Colubris’ enterprise switches are newer and less proven than Trapeze’s, its visitor management product has features very similar to Trapeze’s SmartPass. The Colubris Advantage Colubris MAPs offer an edge over competing solutions in terms of ease and cost of deployment, thanks to their support for a broader range of network topologies and their unique flexibility. A client data-rate matrix summarizes the distribution of transmit and receive packets by data rate for each client, providing an easy method to diagnose performance problems.

Colubris access points support a plug-and-play “controlled” mode in which they can automatically be discovered and configured by a central MultiService Controller MSC. The Aruba-Juniper deal is another sign of the changes in the WiFi security market. Each access point automatically selects a channel within the desired frequency band based on an interference scan.

Behind the Scenes at Sprint’s 5G ‘Split’.

That means it will be critical that these devices have limited access to corporate networking resources.


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