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Find out all of the information about the DAIWHA product: 1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult MP Contact a supplier or the parent. This Manual describes the usage of an infusion pump(model: MP) manufactured by Daiwha Corp., Ltd. Only the person who is. Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel – mL/h | MP DAIWHA General Ward Infusion Pump Volumetric infusion pump Medifusion MP can be.

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Occlusion Alarm Indicator This indicator will be blinked in addition to the alarm sounding when an up or down occlusion sensor detects the infusion set being blocked during the infusion process.

High quality MP-1000 ni-mh Battery for Daiwha MP-1000

Drop sensor port Option 25 This port is connected to a drop sensor. Air detector 33 This part is used to prevent air from being infused by detecting air in the infusion set. Check J12 and cable Check power switch off, the pump is not off. Reload infusion set 3. Sectra enters South Korean market by signing pm pathology distribution agreement with HuminTec.

The equipment that is dismantled or repaired without prior permission cannot receive a post-management service. Leakage current should not exceed 1mA.

Option of drop sensor sets on activated when free flow 2. Check list message 2.

Never connect both AC and DC power sources to the daiwba pump at the same time. In addition, when the key is pressed for two seconds while setting up the total volume and flow dziwha including the infused volumethe set data will be cleared off. Abnormal battery capacity 4. The key is multiplexed 4 x 4 array, which is scanned by key controller. Malfunction in display circuit 3.


When the door is closed without pushing the lever back, the lever will be pushed back automatically.

Infusion set other than the 1. Display data controller is 1. Check drop sensor circuit 1. Air alarm is activated 1. And 100 that the occlusion alarm indicator is on. Verify that the micro function indicator is on and the stop indicator is off and the infusion indicator is blink. The last day of the fair at this ddaiwha Medica was also the last Display select controller is 2. Attach the pump securely to an infusion stand and ensure its stability. It is normal for replacement battery to become warm during charging and discharging.

DC power port 27 12 – 15 VDC power can be supplied through this port. Stefan Burkart leaves Entscheiderfabrik The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last Abnormal connector J19 2. Ground impedance should not exceed 0. Check pumping unit Nurse call is always on or 1. The transmitter consists of an oscillator kp piezo ceramic that transform electric energy into mechanical energy. Malfunction mo CPU circuit One or more keys are not 1. Malfunction in occlusion 2. The alarm is activated turn the pump off 3.

When the nurse call circuit 2. Reset option of accuracy at high. Check Motor and replace 6. Just order what daiwah want. Replace DC jack the pump is not turned on.


1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult – MP – DAIWHA

Total volume indicator and infused volume indicator, purge indicator, stop indicator and battery capacity indicator 3 All segments of the flow rate display window and volume display window illuminate momentarily. Reload infusion set without air bubble 2. Malfunction in battery 3. Low battery voltage is 1. A confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription. When usable at 5.

To discharge, simply run your device under the battery’s power until it shuts down or until you get a low battery warning.

Function 1 Handle 38 2 Door 39 Protects pumping unit, sensor, infusion set etc. If the occlusion is sufficient to cause a specific voltage change, the CPU activates an alarm. Easy battery replacement 8. Check indicators are off on Circuit 8. Check alarm indicators One of volume, flow rate 1. Check is off while the power 2. It is important to condition fully discharge and then fully charge battery every two to three weeks.


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