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decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Will be. National Plan of: DECRETO PRESIDENCIAL No. 44/ National DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. de. ; 27 Set. Telephone: Telex: NDC HQ. DECRETO LEY No. (). MODIFICATORIAS. – Ley No. DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. () “Ley General de Sociedades”. LEY No.

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Identification of the target market 1.

This machinery will allow us to get fruits in the same size. Factory Fresh fruits are selected and conditioned here to be dehydrated. Flowchart of the production process 6.

Derceto, raspberries, apples slides, mangoes slides and raisins. The group chose to stat the business with the small presentation and once the product is established launches the bigger presentation. Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis In order to kwon the profitability of our product, with bases in the historical demand calculated with the P.

Is the head of the organization and report for its management to the stockholder. Selling Expenses Transport Piura-Lima kg 0. Proposed location of the business infrastructure In this point we will propose some of the most profitable locations decrto our floor which are located on the department of Piura due to the facilities to get our raw decerto and the better prices and availability of spaces to install our floor.

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We decided to bet for the project of Elaboration and Commercialization of snacks with a mix of dehydrated fruits to the economic sector A from the districts of Miraflores, San Isidro, La Molina, Surco y San Borja which belong to Metropolitan Lima. Selection of the production process 5. The consumers can find this product on supermarkets as Vivanda and Wong.

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In the part of our operations the cleaning is an important part of our process and some chemical elements like sulphite and bleach are controlled carefully not only to avoid any kind of accidents but also any kind of pollution. Burmester Andreu Working Team: Commercial Center Chacarilla — Surco. Factors influencing the price 1. Promote more than 1, educational projects throughout the country. Choosing a location 2. The consumers can find this product on most of all the super markets.

Preparation of projected Income statements 9.

Identification of relevant factors of location The localization factors are important because they could determine the viability decision making process. Knowing the seasonality we can analyze which months are the best to buy more or less quantity of fruits and if is good to storage them. The product contains different kinds of dry fruit as peanuts, walnuts, raisins and others.

Full Description of business and market intelligence 1. This charge is the most important because determines through the decisions taken the future of the company, also is the main confidence charge. Sales and purchases budget 8.

decreto ley 21621 actualizado pdf printer

L Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada, for the Spanish acronym for type of organization in order to The main characteristics of this type of organization are: Cineguillo Centro Carretera a Tambogrande Km 6.

Pricing and Fixation The fixation help us to calculate possible price that could have our product, this price is based on the surveys and the price of our main competitors. Here we have some activities we realize to collaborate with our community. Identification and analysis of competition 1.

internet-it – Use of corpora in translation studies

In the back of the package is printed the nutritional value according to the content; at the reverse of the package the costumer can see recommendations of how to consume the content.


The creation process is the decrego one: November, December, January and February. This charge is considered for the company the second in importance because is the responsible for the developing new products in order to make increase the company.

legizlativo Methodology for market segmentation 1. Legislatvo this case the most profitable places of location is the one which is near to the point of sale defined. Pricing and Fixation 1. This legjslativo is ideal for breakfast or light meals.

Study of supply; qualitative and quantitative analysis 1. The legiislativo of this chapter is to find the best place as possible to install our floor not only looking for to reduce costs but also consider another important factors which will help us to find the right place to initiate our operations without any kind of problems and to satisfy the needs of our clients 4.

Starting Balance design and projected Description of the elements of the supply chain itself or outsourcing project marketing As a new company in the market, we have decide no outsourced any of the tasks that could have a negative impact on the final product, therefore the unique task outsourced will the transport because we are still to small how to buy our own transport, beside of that will increase considering our costs.

Specialized studies in Agro business or Rural Business.

For our product is recommendable to stock during the peak season and them preserve the dehydrate fruit.


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