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This study had the objective of describing a case of dextrocardia with situs solitus and apex-basis axis inversion in a lesser anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla). Arq Bras Cardiol. Dec;91(6):e Anatomy of a dextrocardia case with situs solitus. Faig-Leite FS(1), Faig-Leite H. Author information: (1)Universidade. Herz. May;35(3) doi: /s Epub May Isolated dextrocardia with situs solitus (dextroversion). Solzbach U(1).

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The incidence of dextrocardia associated to situs inversus in the general population is usually 1: Differing from the normal animals, the vessels on the base of the heart of the animal with dextrocardia situs solitus and apex-basis dextrovardia axis presented alterations. Relato de caso-Anatomia de um caso de Dextrocardia com Situs Solitus. There was no atrioventricular discordance or other intra and extracardiac malformations, which are commonly seen in cases of dextrocardia.

This condition was not found in the studied animal because there is no communication between the pulmonary artery and the aorta. Usually, the reverse is true. dextrcoardia

Anatomicallythis means that the heart is on the left with the pulmonary atrium on the right and the systemic atrium on the left along with the cardiac apex.

Complete reversal of all organs is known as situs inversuswhile reversal of some organs but not others is called situs ambiguus or heterotaxy.

Isolated dextrocardia with situs solitus (dextroversion).

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This infirmity can occur separately situs solitus or in association with situs inversus complete inversion of all visceral organs presenting itself as an inverted image Da Silva et al. Brain asymmetry Dual brain theory Bicameralism.


What is dextrocardia with situs solitus? Some birth defects can be prevented by taki Retrieved from ” https: The heart apex was positioned along the heart axis and was turned to the right side, thus demonstrating the dextrocardia. Services on Demand Journal.

A large ductus arteriosus was found, as well as the anomalous position of the right portion of the heart. How to cite this article. Sources of Funding There were no external funding sources for this study. Dextrocardia-value of segmental analysis in its categorization.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The diaphragm muscle was removed and subsequently, the liver was dissected, which presented normal aspect and morphology. After the dexrrocardia of the sternum and the dissection of the vessels of the base, it was observed that due to the rotation of the heart, its entire right portion was further displaced to the posterior part and this fact was so accentuated in the right auricle that, with the heart in the observed position, it was not possible to visualize it Figure 1.

The two ventricles presented normal internal morphology, atrioventricular valves and vessel emergence. While prenatal tests can detect some birth defects, many are not found immediately.

Pereira II ; A. This study had the objective of describing a case of dextrocardia with situs solitus and apex-basis axis inversion in a lesser anteater Tamandua tetradactyla between five evaluated animals, all from the area of Mine Bauxite – Paragominas – Para. Dextrocardia must be differentiated from the dextroversion, as the latter is not a congenital condition, in which the heart can change sides due to a disease that pushes or pulls the organ into the right antimere, although the heart apex remains toward the left side 2,5,7,9, A case of dextrocardia with normal situs.


The study by Van Praagh et al 6 is the only one that describes two cases that were identical to the case reported here, with more anatomic details.

Anatomy of a dextrocardia case with situs solitus

After that the animals had been radiographed and dissected, the aortic arch was removed after the sternum. Internally there were four cardiac chambers, with absence of septal communication. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In Brazil it spreads out in the Amazon, Atlantic forest, southern fields and pantanal.

Birth Control Choices for Women. The right atrium was more developed then the left and the pulmonary veins arrived directly in the left ventricle.

Anatomy of a dextrocardia case with situs solitus.

The incidence of dextrocardia associated with situs inversus in the situa population is 1: Meanwhile, the right ventricle, which normally sitjs blood to the lungs, must pump blood to the rest of the body.

Learn more about Birth Defects. In the present study, it is noteworthy the fact that a complete specular image of the heart and the vessels of the base of the heart was not found.

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