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DIN 12193 PDF

Draft standard DIN EN – Draft. Light and lighting – Sports lighting; German and English version prEN German title: Licht. DIN EN – DIN EN Light and lighting – Sports lighting; German version EN Publication date: ; Original. Latest News: – Yesvantpur – Jabalpur SF Express is rescheduled to leave Yeswantpur at on 01/04/ instead of on 01/04/ Updated.

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Classification of illuminance meters and luminance meters. Clevis Joints Available in right and left hand thread.

Reference values for illumination

Light and lighting — Measurement and presentation of din data of lamps and luminires — Part 1: The price of the Standard included din amendments correcturs. A range of endless possibilities. Tl Increase in threshold value, measure of the loss of visibility of a visual object as a result of physiological 1219 caused by excessively bright luminaires.


Shaft Hubs Our shaft hubs are available with or without a lock nut.

This PDF conatains an overview of Approval marks and symbols. It supersedes BS EN Manufactured within working days from order. It also defines grid points idn the reference areas where calculation or measuring points are to be located.

High volume of traffic Car parks for schools, churches, large shopping centres, large sports facilities and multi-purpose halls. You have selected more than din 3 trainings. Store article din Din link in watchlist.

DIN 12193 PDF

A light colour that differs from the general road lighting increases attention. Low volume of traffic Car parks for shops, terraced houses and apartment blocks, parking areas for bicycles.

DIN VEnergy efficiency of buildings. Provides a positive downhold action whilst maintaining a low profile. Din also gives methods by which these values are measured. The DIN EN “Sports Location Lighting” standard regulates minimum optimal lighting levels, and depending on the type of sport and level of competition it The requirements concerning the degree of illuminance and its uniformity apply mainly to the principal area of the sport.

Drill and tap the centreline of “b” for mounting holes. Cam Latches Wide range of different inserts and materials to suit. Product Datasheets Compact Toe Clamps Lighting of health care premises.


S – Tridonic – Glossary

L Maintained illuminance of the average luminance on the carriageway, below which illuminance must not fall at any time. The light levels according to the EN [3. Light and lighting – Sports lighting. The higher the competition level and the further the spectators are from the events on the field, the higher the illumination class must be.

The following recommendations apply for the height of the measuring levels: Light and motion sensors are used in lighting control.

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