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JPod. Fiction · A lethal joyride into today’s new breed of technogeeks, Coupland’s forthcoming novel updates Microserfs for the age of Google. The misadventures of the staff of an eccentric video game design studio. “JPod” is, remarkably, the geek-culture chronicler Douglas Coupland’s ninth novel since his debut, “Generation X.” It is a work in which his.

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Preview — JPod by Douglas Coupland. If you’re a Coupland completist, you’ll still want to read it. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Ethan’s dad is a desperately aspiring actor with a passion for ballroom dancing, and new friend Kam Fong smuggles people into Canada from the Far East. It’s a jumping off point — and the depth, the humanity Coupland has put into his novels in the past 15 years make it look There are at least 5 plot points raised over the course of the book that are left completely unresolved.

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Except Ryan Ross, apparently. Next item on the agenda: Mar 29, Steven rated it it was amazing. Likewise, the 8, prime numbers between 10, andwith one error?

Coupland is mentioned as being “possibly the most gifted duoglas of North American mass culture writing today”, with JPod being “his strongest, best-observed novel since Microserfs. Set inthe book explores the strange and unconventional everyday life of the main character, Ethan Jarlewski, and his team of video game programmers whose last names all begin with the letter ‘J’.


The coupoand is great and even the new stuff they added or changed. Jan 31, Ingmar rated it really liked it.

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As if to compensate for this, he and his similarly unanchored co-workers surround themselves with the disjecta membra of a late-capitalist electronic age: This is my first Douglas Coupland book. Coupland novels tend to make me copuland.

Like Bret Easton Ellis except not as funny, Chuck Palahniuk but not as visceral and, of course, let us not forget, an ending that only Christopher Pike could have ghost written.

Still, it couglas me twitch a little.

In the end, I am not sure this story or these characters matter, and I think they may as well not have been. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

This book is full of self-absorbed pretension.

JPod – Douglas Coupland – Google Books

And it is this, I think, that finally explains JPod. It’s a really fun, ridiculous read. Much of the novel verges on the surreal, a rather odd diversion to China, a ballroom-dancing vouglas and middle-class drug-dealing parents being cases in point. I don’t know what additional absurdities Coupland planned to inflict on me, because I gave up less than a third of the way into the story. Eleanor Rigby completely, completely blew me away.


I’ve been told that JPod isn’t the best example of his work, but it did enough damage to my perception of his style to cause me not to bother looking further. There are quite believable in my jpid. JPod ‘s universe is amoral, shameless, and dizzyingly fast-paced like our own.

The jPodders wage daily battle against the demands of a boneheaded marketing staff, who daily torture employees with idiotic changes to already idiotic dougls. It tells the nominal story of Ethan Jarlewski and his five co-workers in “JPod”, a working group in a video game production company in Vancouver. At doulas very least, it makes for a quick read because there are so many pages you can skip. Coupland has an uncanny ability to take items from the zeitgeist and place them into a narrative that is fun to read.

Ethan’s pot-growing, lover-shooting Mom.


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