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by lukaheq. Siema, spolszczenie do drakensang the dark eye. Miłej gry:) Solucja/Walkthrought To poradnik dla ciebie! Zapraszam:) Hello, you not can cross. The intention here is not to provide a full break-down of the Dark Eye P&P rules, but to make your life a little easier if you want to play this game.

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So little information on this game. The tells you to take the flute, that belonged to her ancestor. Defeat Yandrik Poradni, mage will tell you that he is responsible for killing Ardo and will attack you.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry)

Wood Take the wood back Return to Laurelin and sark him his wood. During the fight focus on the mage – the skeletons will crumble once he is defeated. The shining dome seems like a good trace – head towards it and you will see Rakorium along with his second novice, Nottelem hiding behind the magic shield. On your way to the ruins you will encounter the witches, who will hand you some very valuable presents, though what you get exactly depends dzrk how much blood you’ve shed – the less, the better.

You and Jallik drakensany will have to kill the attacking bandits. Gather information Go talk to merchant Cupinez – his shop is right next to the boat seller 4. Quest continues in chapter two. Threaten to call the guards and he will promise to go back and pay his tab.

Steam Community :: Guide :: A rough guide to Drakensang

There are two ways you can get it: Innkeeper will pay you for your help. World Map Important characters and locations: Nearby there’s an Inquisition squad lead by Berndrik whose sole purpose is to wipe out the toads who seem to be spying for the witches.


Kill them off while protecting Niame. On your way you will come across an orc camp in which Gondwin 4 is being held.

Morla’s owl skull Earn Frakensang trust Alvina 11 has her camp in the middle of the forest. Talk to guard commander Tashman Head to Port Ugdan.

For the length of the “journey” Rakorium will join you. Approach follower Peraine and talk to him. Dark Eyes hideout 9. Drakensaang to building 6. Ask him for work and he will tell you that their messenger is sick and will offer you a small job.

If you kill them you will receive the burial jewelery.

You will see that orcs are very close to victory. Then turn so that you’re facing away from the door and pull the right one, then the left one.

If you choose the right dialog options he will even be willing to trade with you. It seems that his Do canal good luck charm has fallen into the sewers 6.

The spell will fade and the happy couple will reward you with some money. Pursue Jessica’s murderers You don’t need to rush as there is no time limit and you can explore the sewers.

Talk to Reginald Get back to Reginald and tell him what has happened. Watch the cutscene featuring the mysterious mage and help Dranor defeat the bandits. Then talk to the innkeeper, who will thank you for solving the situation.

Steam Community :: Drakensang

Witch will he very pleased with you and will give you her owl skull. This far in the game it is quite a challenging opponent, so prepare for a tough fight. Crypt – inside you will find a rock goblin This list is not complete as of yet. Near the next bridge Archon Megalon After dealing with the harpies you will again cross paths with Archon Megalon 2. Here’s some advice on which stats you should focus on when improving the fighter s of your group, and what actually makes a “fighter”.


Dragon’s murder scene Barrel 4. To get you started, here’s a bit of a closer look at these two, mainly at Rhulana – after this guide, you should hopefully be able to tell who is good at what yourself. Place the skulls on the appropriate statues and watch Heidrune appear. After getting what she wanted the sorceress will disappear and you will be forced to fight the orc leader, Bloodfang 1.

Crypt with a sarcophagus. Kill it to get the meat. This will cause the thug to abandon his post now use the other ladder 5 to get to the floor level, open the chest and grab the hammer. The missing fragment Even though you’ve found the next puzzle you’re still missing a piece. Journey to Moorbridge Leave Ferdok and head for Moorbridge.

Give him the snuffbox with regards from “sweet cake” or just tell him that you have the snuffbox but don’t use Fast Talk. Talk to them and they will tell you that their friend, Holdwin 7 was supposed to bring them lunch but hasn’t come back yet.

Talk to Vito After killing the workers report back to Vito and report him on your actions.


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