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My interest in Driftglass stemmed from reading a James Blish short story called Surface Tension. In that story, humans have to adapt to a ocean. “Driftglass” is a lovely story about a type of military unit which uses technology to allow humans to live underwater. The main character, Tio Cal. Driftglass [Samuel R. Delany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Science fiction by a master of the genre.

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The aquamen seem at ease in such a setting, suggesting that such a transformation is not necessarily completely at odds with human behaviour either. These stories are fifty years old but they feel fresh and vigorous and pertinent. The tragic consequences that occur a day later suggest that such a transformation requires a surrender to the vagaries of Nature. Want to Read saving…. As one other reviewer wrote here, one gets the sense that D Dense, difficult, tightly wound and bursting with ideas, this collection of some of Samuel Delaney’s short fiction was rough going at times, but mostly rewarded the effort.

Stories that I recall as only being fairly good ‘The Star Pit’, ‘Dog in a Fisherman’s Net’, ‘Driftglass’ turned out to be brilliant; stories I recall as being brilliant ‘Night and the Loves of Joe Diconstanzo’ turned out to be nearly perfect; and even the few stories I recall as not liking very much ‘High Weir’, ‘Corona’ turned out to be ingenious, entertaining and utterly worthwhile. Mursalin Khandaker rated it really liked it Mar 30, Fletcher rated it really liked it Feb 04, For most writers, getting to the far reaches of space is a problem solved with the invention of warp drives.


Delany is, after all, one of my favourite authors. Mainly there is the parallel between the frelks seeking liason with spacers in back driftg,ass and certain established corners of city parks with the necessarily circumspect arrangements made by gays in pre-Stonewall times and later.

In his first known use of the term, in his essay “On Writing of Speculative Fiction,” Heinlein used it specifically as a synonym for “science fiction”; in a later piece, he explicitly stated that his use of the term did not include fantasy. According to Wikipedia, all of these stories are also available in the collection Aye, and Gomorrah, and Other Stories. And if you have, then this collection is still a wonderful synopsis of some of his finest early driftglaws.

These stories were originally published in a four-year period from to I enjoyed all of the sto I cannot remember exactly how I came upon this book but I am so glad that I did because it introduced me to my favorite author and a world of science fiction that wasn’t just good in theory but legitimate reality as well.

In the hospital she meets telepathically Buddy, a young man with a limited intellect and a history of getting felany trouble. However, Delanys language and habit of throwing you straight in to the plot can make the stories hard driffglass penetrate.


In the near future of this world, delanny and women are transformed by their government into modified amphibious human beings with gills, who traverse undersea depths at ease trying to install oil plants and such like structures deep down in the ocean.

You can get enough to know that it meant a lot to the person who had it, and if they could tell it more clearly, you might enjoy it as well. Recommended to Nate D by: In bite-sized chunks, there are fewer moving parts and it’s easier to see what’s happening.


That sense of opacity of writing comes up a lot in the book. SinceDelany has been driftgpass professor at several universities.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jhaberman rated it liked it Jan 13, I think part of my love for Delany is his recurring focus on outsiders. Delany and poet Marilyn Hacker met in high school, and were married in You are commenting using your WordPress.

This is one of two fantasies in the collection; and what fantasy there is, is subdued, mostly in the minds of the islanders. Durand Jones rated it it was amazing Sep 13, It’s an oddly grim and affecting vision of what ESP could mean. Sometimes veins work their way through in patterns like snowflakes, regular drictglass geometric; others, irregular and angled like coral.

Driftglass – Samuel R. Delany | Martin’s Booklog

The balancing character opposite this child, having suffered all-too-believably-ordinary damage from an uncaring system, manages to be equally well-drawn. PaperbackSignet Qpages. When the pieces dry, they’re milky. Delany was driftglqss published science fiction author by the age of Notify me of new posts via email. Some pieces were chock full of giant spaceships and galactic spaceports, while others could have been a tale of fishing out of an obscure Hemingway collection.


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