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LASERS. LIBRETTO VOCAL BOOKA. AXLESS .. but one of my favorite shows Gable and Stein’s “The Drowsy Chaperone;”. Remember? Music by Julie . The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins as the man in accessible script, The Drowsy Chaperone will fit perfectly into any company’s. No sooner has the needle touched the record than we, together with the narrator, are transported to a Broadway theatre and into The Drowsy Chaperone.

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Sounds like a dance number. Hey, as long as it consistently works, any solution to that measure is legitimate. The section beginning at is so fun, but it helps to know a few things ahead of time. An important detail here is that the record has been turned down, but their performance has not gotten less energetic. In order to prevent Robert from accidentally seeing the bride before the wedding, he also provides Robert with a blindfold. Aldolpho needs to be a strong comic actor with a flair for over-the-top accents, moderate dancing ability, and a sustained G above the staff.

Show Essentials Music and Lyrics by. Our percussionist added it into the mallet part. By the way, atthe new Half note is the old quarter. Some of the dance sequence is very specific.

The Drowsy Chaperone Script

There is also some business with cymbals there. And once again, is another place the singer has potentially too much control over the tempo. In our production, I had a video feed that only looked at the record player, so I could get those cues.


If things had dragged at all, we fixed it there. If your Janet has a high C, that works as a last note. The Original Broadway Cast Recording has this section in another key. There are a lot of dynamic details to observe. Atthe Original Broadway Recording is in the correct key again, but it may still be odd for your Janet, who may hear the key relationship from the cast recording. Tottendale, a wealthy dowager, is the site of an imminent wedding between showgirl, Janet Van De Graff, to oil tycoon, Robert Martin.

Their namesakes are used as characters in the musical. Inspiration The musical parodies American musical comedies of the s that feature over-the-top characters, comic gangsters and bawdy musical numbers. Atresist the temptation to slow down.

The Drowsy Chaperone Script

This kind of acting is the sort of arch performance style that plays the scene, but is really focused at selling the characterization to the audience. At this point, Man in Chair attempts to play the record of the Second Act of the show.

You have to play a little of that trumpet line in during rehearsals, because it fills in spaces and does a kind of call-and-response with the singer. This is a tour-de-force role for a comic actor.

A kettle on the stove begins to whistle.

Then when the Super says: Again, see a youtube video to see what the music initially went with. Music Directing the School Musical Tales from the pit. The passage from is also underlining some stage business. You need a pianist, a drummer, and a bass player. Janet is all about glamour.


The more important discrepancies are in the script. With the exception of Tottendale, who is supposed to be old, and perhaps Drowsy and Man In Chair, everyone else makes sense with younger performers. Measure 38 is miscued in the piano score.

The Drowsy Chaperone

Again, colla voce at 28A. The meal will be served shortly, but in the mean time, would you like an appetizer? I am Music Directing my first full show this spring, In the Heightsand because the style of music is somewhat outside of my field of expertise, I am a bit intimidated! At 94, I think the tempo should slack a bit. The script has this moment in a different place. The Broadway production opened in May of at the Marquis Theatre and closed on December 30,after performances and 32 previews.

When a record plays or a radio is on in a movie or a play, or even when someone sings as part of their daily life, when they actually would sing, we call that music diegetic. This number is much better with the skates and the blindfold.


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