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Solomon Dwek is a convicted felon. Dwek was a former real estate investor who became an FBI informant. Contents. 1 Personal profile; 2. The book, released on March 15, was written by Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin and details Solomon Dwek’s ponzi scheme and how his cooperation with the. The book, released on March 15, was written by Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin and details Solomon Dwek’s ponzi scheme and how his.

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Dwek has been in hiding since his role as an informant became public. From there, the victims began to mount, as did the losses — into the hundreds of millions.

The government charged Dwek with bank fraud on May 11, and that was the last anyone heard of him — until agents made a series of arrests on and around July The bankruptcy was converted to a Chapter 11 reorganization. Hidden camera films of him interacting with Beldini, were displayed as evidence. Get important news about your town as it happens.

Dwek was a former real estate investor who became an FBI informant.

Solomon Dwek – Wikipedia

You’ve read our dwrk so we know you like our reporting. On October 18,Dwek was sentenced to six years in federal prison for his conviction on bank fraud charges.

The investors defrauded by Dwek were also members of the local Syrian Jewish community. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Solomon Dwek

The split verdict in Leona Beldini’s case was hailed as a victory by both sides and may have cast doubt on the government’s use of Solomon Dwek as an informant. Beldini defense rests in N.


Retrieved October 23, I’ll do it later. For upstart mayor, it all began at the Malibu Diner.

Solomon Dwek, crooked developer turned FBI informant, pleads guilty in $50M fraud

Meet the cooperator behind N. Bank fraud Federalmisconduct by a corporate official State. He served the two rarests terms concurrently. Dwek nearly breaks down when asked if he has any friends, outside FBI agents.

He also denounced the practice of acting as a government informant against other Jews. Millionaire, Patron and Now Informant.

However, Dwek remained in the Essex county jail awaiting sentencing. Key government witness in ex-Secaucus mayor’s extortion trial jailed after bail revoked”. For instance, neither Peter Cammarano, dwel the Hoboken mayor for all of three weeks, nor Michael Schffer, a North Hudson Utilities Authority commissioner, knew who he was during a series of meetings at the Malibu Diner.

Dwek testified for five days and cried on the stand under cross examination by Brian J. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat COM was the first to identify Dwek as the key figure in the case See: Prior to his arrest, Dwek was well known for his philanthropy both inside and outside of the Jewish community; [ citation needed ] such as in when he befriended Ryan Michael Saberon, a 7 year old non-Jewish dwekk with terminal cancer whose medical and funeral expenses were paid by him.

Retrieved from ” https: Those arrested by authorities included public officials, politicians, aerests three Orthodox Rabbis from a Syrian Jewish background.

Neary when asked whether he had any friends. At the time of the sentencing Dwek’s lawyer noted that Dwek had six children, the youngest an eight-week-old baby. Retrieved June 24, The Syrian Jewish community in Monmouth County, New Jersey where Dwek came from was surprised that he became a government informant against other Syrian Jews because the community has a long-standing unwritten policy of blanket solidarity.


Get the news you need to know on the go. Posing as a law-breaking contractor, Dwek paid bribes in recorded transactions with several North Jersey mayors and public officials, the FBI said. Himmel, who specializes in white collar criminal defense. The New York Times. As complaints mounted from people who said Dwek had conned them out of enormous sums of money, his options for avoiding prison shrank. Welcome to Paramus Daily Voice! PNC bank, along with two other financial firms filed an involuntary liquidation petition on Feb.

Born to a Sephardic Syrian Jewish family and a resident of Deal Parka neighborhood in Ocean Township, New JerseyDwek ran a real estate empire based on a pyramid scheme in and around Monmouth County under multiple business names, and was vice-president of the Deal Yeshiva, a non-profit Orthodox Jewish religious school which his parents founded.

FBI informant gets four years for cheating bank”. Ex-Jersey City Deputy Mayor Beldini’s lawyer files brief that argues campaign contribution violations aren’t a federal crime and her bribery conviction should be dismissed.


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