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The Blood Wood (Earthdawn) [Rob Cruz, Roger Gaudreau, Jennifer Hartshorn, Ian Lemke, Diane Piron-Gelman, Louis J. Prosperi, Sharon Turner Mulvihill] on. The Blood Wood has 31 ratings and 1 review. Centuries ago, the beauty and power the Blood Wood’s Elven Court inspired awe among the Barsaive’s tribes. Bu. However, they weren’t a playable Namegiver race until The Blood Wood was released some four years later. Truth be told, they still weren’t.

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Earthdawn/Shadowrun Crossover Information

Wyrm Talk A source of a lot of tie ins, being as it is a conversation between Dunklezahn the Dragon and Harlequin the Elf, both holdovers from at least the Fourth World. Lamar Gerber rated it really liked it Feb 05, Most blatantly, the description of the Ways and Paths is nearly exactly the same as the Paths described in Denizens I.

Harlequin The first confirmation of immortals beyond Free Spirits and Dragons in the SR world, Harlequin and Ehran are both shown to have lived in pre-Revolution France, and make reference to have lived for a long, long time before that. Jul 30, Christian rated it really liked it. Whilst they were locked in combat against a Theran Kila A Theran design of flying castle powered by the death of slaves and prisoner both sides were struck by a Horror known as Maelstrom that appeared as a vast miles-wide storm of teeth and razor sharp glass that swept in with supernatural swiftness.

How do they act now?

The Blood Wood

After nearly a month of trekking through horror-tainted lands and many heroic battles, they had lost many people from both groups, but arrived back at the waiting Kaer, that had never given up hope of their return. Creatures of Earthdawn The cockatrice darthdawn the same as the SR one, bkood the basilisk is different. Open Preview See a Problem? Travis rated it it was amazing May 19, A road to the North leads to other communities along the river and a ferry can take people across the lake where they can walk to Marrek or catch a riverboat to go further downstream to the larger trade towns of the T’skrang and from there travel almost anywhere.


Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Due to this, they almost exclusively wear special clothing designed to accommodate their thorns, such as elfweave robes, and fernweave is their first choice in armor as it is naturally compatible.

When the Horrors came in earthfawn, the forest did not stop them, it only slowed their progress forcing the surviving elves back to the interior. Three Kaers is surrounded on three sides by cliffs, with a high wall made primarily of stone to the North. Rather than allow the Horrors to feed on their emotions and agony, the elves turned to terrible ritual magic that caused thorns to grow from within their bodies and inflicted constant agony upon themselves. This one has a strange spirit that resembles, in conduct and appearance, the Passion Vestrial, visiting a drunken Harlequin late one night.

Barsaive including the Caucavic River on which the Three Kaers settlement rests. The Blood Elves of ED, of course, have the same condition.

It was once used for Theran experimentation, safely on the outskirts of the Empire. One box should be worth a few points of permanent damage; check on the Wound and Death thresholds to get a valid comparison.

I got curious about this and looked it up.


Earthdawn – Notable locations

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Unfortunately their relative comfort meant that they were one of the last major Kaers to open earthdxwn the world, meaning that they had little room to grow. Their leader was an elementalist, who bargained with Spirits of Earth and Stone for aid in constructing a Kaer.

The experiment was the worst kind of success. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. With the death of Oakheart, what was once the Blood Wood became a barren wasteland, the shocked earth barely able to sustain any life. However the war caused a major fire that destroyed almost all the crops and both sides sued for peace.

The Blood Wood (Earthdawn ) by FASA Corporation

Once a beautiful area and the heartland of Elven culture known as the Wyrmwood, this forest marks the Northernmost portion of Barsaive. Retrieved from ” http: References are made to immortal elves. A series of connected river systems, flowing through Barsaive’s chaotic terrain. They hoarded it in secret and dug their mines deep into the Earth, wold the excavated space to build a second city. North of the Map A vast forest twisted by Blood Magic filled with isolationist elves, monsters and treachery.

However whilst they had large quantities of True Earth, they lacked Oricalcum and the other True elements that were needed to be fully eaethdawn.

Ian rated it really liked it Jan 24,


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