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In her stateside debut, Kerrigan tells a familiar tale of an independent-minded woman born before her time. Childhood friends in early. Review: Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan. June 26, by Anna. ellis island. Source: Review copy from Harper Rating. Not indeed that I had been. Rural Irish girl Ellie loves living in New York, working as a lady’s maid for a wealthy socialite. She tries to persuade her husband, John, to join her but he is.

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Such a buzz getting feedback from U. The war is portrayed as distant and never really impacted the characters in a profound way, not even when their lives are changed. It does contain some profanity that may offend readers but since my goal is to provide an honest review, I must disclose this. As per my review policy updated Dec. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Anyone who has visited kdrrigan building, Ellie Hogan, the protagonist in Ellis Island is an unforgettable, timeless character.

All in all, an enjoyable enough story but it lacked something for me — the spark which Toibin provides in his descriptions of the minutiae of everyday life.

June 29, Semicolon. It would appear that most Amazon reviewers rave about this book so I am once more in the minority… I couldn’t sympathize with her decision to leave her husband and go off to America this is islland a spoiler, this is on the back of the book and she struck me as spoiled, whiny, and entitled.

Her own achievements are always the paramount idea in her mind, she never considers renouncing anything for someone else. Surely people came for other reasons just as they do today.

But the lessons she claimed to learn in the epilogue? The only redeeming qualities of the book that bumped it up to 2 stars instea Terrible. There she is faced with the decision of which way her life will turn. Only two brief el,is actually take place on Ellis Island, as this is not a novel about an immigrant but about a woman and her journey who just happens to go through Ellis Island on one of her stops along the way.


Will she stay and rebuild her life with her husband in Ireland, or will she return to her new life in NYC? She meets one of the richest men in NY and he falls in love with her. The plot was very confused and the main character never seemed to be affected by it.

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Hope you like City of Hope and thanks again. Seeing an opportunity to help John with paying for an expensive surgery to make him walk again, Ellie sees no choice but to head to America long enough to make John well again.

Receiving hope in the form of a letter from her friend from school, Shelia offers Ellie hope elis working in America for a rich lady in need of help. Book Fiend rated it it was amazing Shelves: Though the story told of Ellie and John’s love, the writing didn’t convey any real emotion for me, and the characters’ behavior seemed inconsistent.

Ellie stays in the U. She gets a letter from an old friend in New York and she’s questioning her decision again. Poverty and despair will drive you to make decisions that otherwise you thought impossible. Ellie adjusts to life in Kerrogan York, and betters herself by going to school and learning how to type. Once rllis someone who we would climb trees with, scour the land for small animals and even walk us home from school, now they have matured into something much more.

The contrast between Irish rural life and the boasting modern life of Twenties New York promised to be exiting and interesting. Life Or Something Like It.

Review: Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan | Diary of an Eccentric

Now living with John struggling to make ends meet in katw run down college in the midst of war between the Irish and the British, Ellie worries that John efforts in helping out in the war will be their undoing. Whiny, insipid, stupid heroine and an equally unimpressive husband with whom I can’t believe she’s in love.

I didn’t want Ellie to stay with her husband John! It was obvious that Ellie really loved Charles, especially after that breakdown she had when she found out he was engaged to someone else at the end of the novel.


She belonged in Ireland.

Ellis Island

We appreciate your feedback. The plot moves so quickly it left me a bit breathless and a few extra sentences here and there to give the reader a chance to rest between plot moments would be helpful.

Or maybe this is because Ellie is so utterly uninterested and even resentful to the fight that nothing but that indifference came to me. Most immigration stories discuss the reasons one leaves a homeland for a foreign country, the hardships endured along the way and eventually some form of resolution of life in the new country. Another great scene is the one where Ellie has gotten off of Ellis Island, and is walking up Broadway to her new job. Not every one stay We always seem to think about people coming to America seeking a new and better life.

Once she reaches New York and begins her new yet temporary life the strangest of things happen — she begins to like life in America. Most fiction I read simply for pleasure so in general if it pulls me into the story and entertains me I’m happy.

Feb 11, Betsy rated it liked it. A rare combination of historical enlightenment and sheer enjoyment. Refresh and try again.

Kerrigan paints such a sensual picture of the streets of New York, all of your senses are aroused by her description, and you feel that you are walking this trip along with Ellie. The reader can feel the tension as ancient antagonisms against the British rule sparks the revolution and call for home rule. John gets hurt in the revolution. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Already a hit in the United Kingdom, Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan is both a poignant love story and a lyrical, evocative depiction of the immigrant experience in early 20th century America.

It was a means to an end but not necessarily the end in itself. She is enjoying her freedom and her new life.


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