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Isolasi dan Elusidasi Struktur Kimia Antimikroba yang Dihasilkan Oleh Aktinomisetes Laut. Article (PDF Available) · June with 50 Reads. Isolasi, Identifikasi, Dan Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Alkaloid Dalam Ekstrak Metanol-asam Nitrat Dari Biji Mahoni Bebas Minyak (Swietenia Macrophylla, King). New potential antifungal antibiotics UK-2A, B, C and D were elucidated as nine membered dilactone derivatives, isolated from mycelial cake of an actinomycete .

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Konsentrasi DNA gen merupakan salah satu komponen teknologi transgenesis yang harus dioptimalkan untuk mendapatkan efisiensi dalam transfer gen. Theshrimp weight varied from 3.

The VOPBA results suggest that WSSV interacted with housekeeping proteins such as heat shock protein 70, ATP synthase subunit, phosphopyruvate hydratase, allergen Pen m 2, glyceraldehydephosphate dehydrogenase, sarcoplasmic calcium-binding protein, actin and like protein. However, the attempts to understand the molecular responses in the highly. To examine the structure of the oviduct of the shrimp Penaeus monodon. The highest concentrations of residues were measured immediately after the h immersion d0.

An understanding therefore, of molecular responses and defense mechanism s in shrimps against bacterial pathogens is essential.

Thirty one Vibrio isolates were isolated from tiger shrimp larvae and hatchery environments, i. Haemulonii S27 and C.

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HMMNI residues were only detectable up to d1 0. Shrimp faeces were removed from intestines prior to further analysis in attempt to identify mucosal bacterial population. This study aimed to investigate the impacts of enrofloxacin on oxidative stress in hepatopancreas and gills of black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon.

The linkage groups consisted of between and markers, of length between Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui karakteristik gen anti virus yang diisolasi dari udang windu, Penaeus monodon. A total of SNPs were mapped to 44 linkage groups. Tingkat sintasan udang lebih tinggi setelah diuji tantang dibandingkan yang tidak divaksinasi. Analisis ekspresi gen pada larva udang windu juga menunjukkan adanya aktivitas ekspresi gen antivirus pada semua perlakuan konsentrasi DNA, di mana ekspresi gen antivirus pada larva transgenik lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan kontrol tanpa transfeksi.

Labuan, Pangandaran, and Lampung, Indonesia. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa gen antivirus telah berhasil diintroduksi ke embrio udang windu. The longest inserted cDNA is about 1.


Undetectable telomerase activity in lymphoid cell culture supports the hypothesis that the inadequate telomerase activity or gene expression may be a reason that prevents neoplastic transformation and spontaneous immortalization of the cells elusidazi vitro. Therefore, in the present study an 8-week feeding trial was conducted on black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon to assess the effects of OTA and DON on growth performance, haemolymph parameters and histopathology of shrimp.

Monodon in response to the administration of various immunostimulants viz. Teknologi transgenesis khususnya transfer gen antivirus pada udang windu telah berhasil dilakukan melalui teknik transfeksi.

Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Organik Pdf Merge – sevensimply

Transgenic fish technology is a potential modern technique in producing better character organism through DNA recombinant of target genes including anti viral gene for improvement of shrimp immunity. Poly-l-lysine-coated culture vessels enhanced growth of lymphoid cells, while the application of vertebrate growth factors did not, except insulin-like growth factor-1 IGF Shrimp were collected at 15 different farms divided into four different farming systems: In the other crustaceans, Achlya racemosa and another Achlya sp.

The seven microsatellites analysed showed high degree of polymorphism alleles. Tingkat kerusakan organ paling tinggi terdapat pada kelompok penelitian ke-2 uji tantang setelah 14 hari.

The several pathogenic species are commonly associated with outbreaks of Vibrio species strukttur it is mainly associated with food poisonings. Incorporating the medicinal extracts at higher levels resulted in reduction in diet palatability which consequently had an effect on a decrease in growth, immune responses and strukktur to bacterial and WSSV infection. The identified peptides included isoforms of allatostatin Epusidasi, B and C, as well as members the bursicon, CAPA, CCHamide, crustacean cardioactive peptide, crustacean hyperglycemic hormone, diuretic hormone 31, eclosion hormone, FLRFamide, GSEFLamide, intocin, leucokinin, molt-inhibiting hormone, myosuppressin, neuroparsin, neuropeptide F, orcokinin, orcomyotropin, pigment dispersing hormone, proctolin, red pigment concentrating hormone, RYamide, SIFamide, short neuropeptide Striktur and tachykinin-related peptide families.

The marine yeast, C. Monodon from two different habitats provide evidence that the internal environments within the host shrimp also exerts selective pressure on bacterial members. SEM also revealed the induced production of peritrichous pili-like structures by the Vp attaching to the stomach lining, whilst only a single polar fibre was seen forming an apparent physical bridge between Vh and the host’s epithelium.


Elusidasi Struktur Molekul Uk-3, Uk-4 Dan Uk-5, Senyawa Bioaktif Dari Streptomyces SP. 517-02.

Masing-masing kombinasi di atas dibuat sebanyak 6 kali, yang digunakan untuk 3 kelompok penelitian yaitu kelompok tanpa diuji tantang, diuji tantang dilakukan setelah 14 hari, dan uji tantang dilakukan setelah 21 hari, dilaksanakan sebanyak 2 kali ulangan.

The bacteria density in haemolymph, haemolymph of the hepatopancreas and gills decreased with time. Phylogenetic tree and sequence comparison clearly confirmed divergence of this crustin-like AMP from other shrimp crustins.

Fish and fishery products represent one of the most valuable and struktud food item for humans having most of the essential nutrients for human health. Untuk semua kelompok percobaan respons udang paling sensitif berupa berenang ke permukaan terjadi setelah 1 jam perlakuan diberikan, diikuti oleh penurunan aktivitas dan penurunan nafsu makan. Embrio hasil transfeksi ditetaskan pada stoples berisi air laut sebanyak 2 L yang diletakkan pada waterbath.

Masing-masing perlakuan dengan dua ulangan.

Survey, interview and observation. The library is 7. This calls for strengthened pollution control measures in order to conserve this commercially important species. These findings provide the usefulness of integrating a set of biomarkers to define the health status of shrimp in different shrimp culture systems. Bacteria could be detected throughout the experiment in some individuals; however in lymphoid tissue, gill, heart and haemolymph of all vibrio injected shrimp, the bacteria could be observed only 5 min after injection.

Was studied by the isolation and it is confirmed by the biochemical methods. The result of this reseach indicated that the area wide of traditional ponds in this Island has differences. Telomeric repeat amplification protocol revealed that telomerase-dependent telomeric lengthening has elusifasi taking place in P.

Which were isolated from infected shrimps.


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