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Ensayos Impopulares by Bertrand Rusell; Bertrand Russell at – ISBN – ISBN – Edhasa – – Softcover. “Ensayos impopulares”. Bertrand Russell. 5 likes. Book. Ensayos Impopulares: Bertrand Rusell, Bertrand Russell: Books –

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Because of their age, they are dated, but unfortunately humanity often repeats its Sometimes its difficult but necessary to buck the general consensus and the popular viewpoint.

This is kind of like common sense to some, or utter bullshit and the kind of thinking that is wrong with this dirty humanist infected nation of ours to others.

A few days ago I stumbled upon his works again but was unable to find it anywhere. On The gulf between Bertrand Russell’s serious and popular writing about philosophy seems particularly wide; I have never undertaken the Principia Mathematica and might do well to admit to myself that I never will.

As I said this is either common sense, or bullshit, depending on what you believe. The assertion that every important war since has been won by the more democratic regime is also interesting, but I have doubts. This fact Britain can be proud of, being a country that has produced few public intellectuals in recent history and which looks unlikely to produce another russwll ever again.

Dec 01, E Sweetman rated it liked it Recommends it for: Sep 10, Alex rated it liked it Shelves: His essays about philosophy and ideas were my favorite part of the book what is Fearless against nertrand “authorities” Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, Marx etc Russel uses logic and observation against nonsense philosophy, religion, superstitions, xenophobia, misogyny and other dogmatic beliefs of his time.

This leads to the view that deism is unlikely and that modern revealed religions are pure folly.

Unpopular Essays

The spectacle of the writhing torments of the victims was, in fact, one of the principal pleasures to which the populace looked forward to enliven a somewhat drab existence. Let’s quote from passages that Russell wrote when the Nazi legacy was still a recent memory and the dangers of authoritarian populism were fresh in everyone’s thoughts.


Three stars because of Russell’s way of pointing out the importance sticking to your guns, keeping your dignity, and saying what you mean, popular or not. There’s an entire essay attacking the idea of the virtue of the oppressed. My professor used them to make the class one of the best and most informative history classes I’ve ever taken. Russell’s big solution though is a little weird.

Three stars because of the dated material, that can be a little difficult to get through unless one is interested in history. That is all by way of explaining that I picked this up for “light” reading on a late-night subway trip, a claim which might otherwise seem preposterous. In Rush’s case, I don’t know how to justify it. Wrong-headed but popular notions concerning race, money, education, class, religion, and science are all properly distilled through that supremely skeptical intellect of Russell’s.

But it is not by old error that new error can be combated.

To be fair whenever I see a picture of that fat fuck This ensayso kind of like common sense to some, or utter bullshit and the kind of thinking that is wrong with this dirty humanist infected nation of ours to others.

Dec 01, Tim added it.

The man is just a deluded asshole, and his essence is fnsayos just impopulared out of his pores or something. He predict wrong things about word. The world changed a lot in the period these essays were written, the s and s, yet there’s still a lot of thematic unity here, the content being very relevant even up until the present day.

This work contains 10 essays written between andwith the common theme being the pernicious impact of dogmatic, unsupportable beliefs. It’s unfortunate that his same logic led him to believe that the human race would most likely go extinct because of nuclear weapons This first quote goes to the heart of many of our current problems: Despite the title, I hardly think the ideas stated here were that unorthodox at the time the essays were written, and it provides an interesting perspective of the world and of thought halfway through the 20th century and very late in Russell’s own life.


However I don’t recall that connection being explicitly made in the essays. Jan 29, Bob rated it really liked it. View all 30 comments. Nov 08, Bruce Reiter rated it really liked it. In a piece called “An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish”, he satirizes pedlars of esoteric knowledge – “it is a singular fact that the Great Pyramid always predicts the history of the world accurately up to the date of the book in question, but after that date it becomes less reliable.

Russell is a well-known rationalist thinker and atheist and his views are driven by the common sense dictum that one should only believe that which has sufficient supporting, scientific evidence. In a way I felt that in a way his future scenario the unification of world powers would bring a lasting peace happened.

Unpopular Essays by Bertrand Russell

To read these essays is to purify one’s mind of the hazardous and shallow opinions surrounding most human beings, and thereby to come as close to wisdom as the modern skeptical intellect may. Mar 22, Mark rated it liked it. A certain degree of isolation both in space and ijpopulares is essential to generate the independence required for the most important work; there must “Men lived with one kind of illusion, and when they lost it they fell into another.

Clever and witty, he says the things that philosphers don’t want to hear but are so true!


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