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Themes in Etherscope encourage us to look under the surface and the RPG talks later of an “uber plot” which will expand in future supplements. Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for an Etherscope game Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you. Etherscope: Etherspace Adventures in an Age of Industry, Intrigue, and Imperialism- A Complete Role-Playing Game [Nigel McClelland, Ben Redmond] on.

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The few violent nationalist groups are seen as crackpots or lunatics.

And I am guessing the answer is no, as there has not been any activity here since In chinatown down an alleyway two chinese men speak to an unseen man that they have the device and the deal is ready. Japan was becoming a local power in the s with a strong navy that was seen as a potential threat to Britain’s control of the seas and an army that ethrescope made inroads in China and was threatening to invade the Soviet Union.

The Dutch are hemmed-in in Europe but have huge overseas colonies in the Pacific. The League’s views and methods are seen as controversial but their success has made their theories more accepted. It turns out they etheescope a Japanese family run business etherscops has no holdings in the UK, but has many in Japan and America.

Some think they are government or corporate Scope Riders hired to police their patron’s Domains or hunt down subversives and thieves.

Etherscope | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Curate and Kendrigard go to the lab and in the warehouse are told that the device has already been taken by men with the exact same documents. Please select a support frequency. A labour driven recession would affect the rich and that simply would not do. This page does not exist. Decker explains that the group, being relative unknowns, yet skilled in their respective fields, Morgan being a hunter ethersope tracker, Kendrigrad a link to high society and industry, Curate more a a street level man and scope rider, and wishes to test them intially with the simple task of retrieving an experimental energy unit from Cadecus Labs, a quite subsidary of AnimaCorp little known to his rivals, in particular a Japanese company.


Level up your cool by leaving a comment below or following on Pinterest. Rlg poor lucky enough to have homes might live in coffin flats.

Near the bar are two men. Moments pass and two men epg with the rest of the audience from the cinema, one is wearing a pair of red sunglasses and under his coat is what appears to be a complex armour. Morgan dismounts and heads to the Dock office and tries to break in, while Curate drives off to scout about. There are an awful lot of layers for a GM to explore and weave stories through. Due to its extensive military commitments in its existing possessions, there are still areas of their Empire that were never fully explored or which have lapsed into wilderness and savagery.

An underground market in drug tabs and Ethertech gave tremendous power and wealth to the Yakuza gangs, who now control etherscoppe slums in the port cities and the industrial sprawl of the Kanto Plain. Its militant Armed Wing the Northumbrian Republican Army commits acts of eherscope against the British government in pursuit of its goals.


The group leaves and does a bit more shopping, though time is ticking, its now close to etheescope, and that leaves 11 hours to locate the device and ensure that it is returned to Decker. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

He has a waistcoat and a cravat, held ethedscope place by a gold pin. It was an invention from America which opened Etherscope even further. In fact there is a whole extra level to Etherscope. Etheric gauntlets allow a person to interact with Etherspace remotely. The two oriental men had already been edging back and make a break for it, rlg the cinema, the other agent in chase, breaking the doors off the hinges as he pounds through. China Town is a boisterous place.

About us on the oceans are the super dreadnaughts of the Royal Navy, blistering with their V-prop cannons and Vent Blasters. Usually the product of a powerful nation or a rich corporation, informal communities of users have begun to spring up. In the s an American discovery allowed the transfer of human consciousness to the Ether. During The Pan-European War, the shorter lines of communication due to Germany’s rapid invasion of Russia in initially made it easier for Russia to manage supply lines and maintain large reserves to counterattack Axis thrusts.


No Web Links Found. The world wars of the 20th Century were resolved differently, leaving the British Empire and the European powers largely intact. Recreational use of Scope Tabsa drug compound that grants the user access to the Etheric realm, have become a common form of escape for both bored workers and jaded aristocrats alike.

Mysteries of the Occult. The research was also a form of portal tech. The Eugenics League is a worldwide scientific society engaged in genetic engineering, as mere human breeding is seen as too random and imprecise.

The exact opinion varies, as nothing is known precisely about it. In this alternative world of out-of-control technology, Etherspace is the new frontier. Thursday, November 20th, This game manages to get the best of a foggy London street where Jack the Ripper might feel at home and merge it with cyberpunk highlights and then merge it again with an occult-based demonic horror game.

For years the Eugenics League had been carefully breeding in their own circles, mixing the best of their own bloodlines note that the New Reich is a super power in this world and refer to themselves as Alphas.

Government programs sponsoring scientific research, technological specialization, and skilled labor manufacturing were used to create a prosperous economy with trade links outside the Union.

Don’t miss these posts. The term was later extended to the clerks who programmed and used Etherscopes and the workers that fashioned Etherstuff into usable objects or structures.

The Etherscope RPG community’s Journal

The Neu Reich consists of Europe and most of Eurasia and it has the world’s finest army. They learn that the men were Chinese. Also in the room is the smartly dress aristocrat contrasting the aristocrat of Morgan Kendrigard, a member of the Eugenics League ethersxope thus a Alpha class human, the cream of the crop, bred from the best families.


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