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With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that. Revolt Against the Modern World has ratings and 34 reviews. Chris said: Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola is a book so breathtaking, so. REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD. A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO Julius EVOLA. He sees it as the highest of devotions, precisely because it places .

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Retrieved from ” https: There is little reason for me to offer eevola detailed refutation of his mdoern. It is a singular though not necessarily original blend of several schools and traditions, including German idealism, Eastern doctrines, traditionalism, and the all-embracing Weltanschauung of the interwar conservative Revolution with thr Evola had a deep personal involvement.

Ye almost had me there, too, epigraphing Boehme and all. The European interest in the subject became pronounced only during the Renaissance, when religious prohibitions weakened. Ride the Kodern is his attempt to escape from some Nietzschean coils but he does it from arguable an atraditional standpoint, to his own loss. The path to transcendence and mysticism is from the turning away of society and language, like Wittgenstein’s silence, and the return to within, whereas ordering society based upon such symbols is only significant as to what is within the mystic’s directly perceptual insight.

The first part of the book deals with the concepts of the Traditional world; its knowledge of the bridge between the earthly and the transcendent worlds. This was a real departure modetn primitive Christianity. The sovereignties of the new sovereign states were like the schisms that created the new churches, except that the sovereignties denied any higher authority.

This is true even in defeat, since traditions all over the world speak about the special place in paradise for the warrior who dies with a proper orientation to the transcendent. Rrvolt reading of Evola suffered from the same symptom as Marx and his religious followers through the ages: In order to understand both the spirit of Tradition and its antithesis, modern civilization, it is necessary to begin with the fundamental doctrine of the two natures.


Revolt Against the Modern World

It was only with the advent of Christianity that humanitarian pathos dominated the life of the spirit. He also has little use for the principle of historical determinacy; for him, whatever happens in history is at least proximately the result of someone’s will. A human type arose whose ideas can never be realized, and who is therefore eternally dissatisfied.

The rvola world had three or four castes. The latter are all different incarnations of the same one theme transposed from reality to superreality.

They corresponded, roughly, to the European feudal classes of clergy, nobility, burghers, and servants. Mar 26, Perennial Imperium rated it liked it.

On Evola’s “Revolt against the modern world” | Throne and Altar

There was decay from age to age, but in some ways the world also grew wiser through experience and revelation. Some of this is along the lines of ‘The Golden Bough’. The Golden Age found tradition natural. The traditional ascetic was above the castes, as the pariah was below them.

The period we call the Renaissance was the beginning of decline. War reenacts the victory of masculine, solar, Olympian order against lunar, Titanic chaos. At the end of this part the only message I seem to have taken away is that men of yore were more religious than men of now. At the height of the Ghibelline phase of the empire, both the Empire and the Church were seen as equally divine institutions.

In this sense, Chesterton was right to call this type of tradition ‘the democracy of the dead. However, the secret elites who might be interested in such a project cannot bring it about.

Is it meant to capture how historical people which ones? When centralism rests on mere political power, however, there is no real empire; the empire is then not an organism, but a mechanism.

Chivalry was for the empire what the clergy was for the Church.

Softer versions of his ideas later found favor in the New Age movement. Mai – J.


The Long View: Revolt Against the Modern World — With Both Hands

His argument that this success is merely material rings more and more hollow as he laments its victories in every field, and not least over the semi-traditional powers in the 20th century world wars. Evocative imagery of bloodstained zealots huddled around a moonlit bonfire. Evola interprets the hadith in which Muhammad tells his followers, upon returning from a battle, that they are returning from the “lesser jihad” to the “greater jihad” in this light.

Often in traditional societies, the aristocratic cult seeks liberation from the ancestral totems, but the popular cult simply facilitates the desire of the chthonic forces to incarnate in human beings. New types of society arose in this era, which also appear in ours: Jul 29, Chin Jian Xiong rated it really liked it Shelves: Society becomes violent, warlike even in its deities. The warrior aristocracy and the aristocrats were always warriors in addition to being spiritual leaders practiced a brand of warrior asceticism, in which the mastery of the battlefield was bound up with the internal pathway toward the transcendent.

With Both Hands

But Evola assigns to these cycles ingredients significant echoes of ancient myth and magic that are wholly absent from The Fourth Turning. A great book for anyone wanting to learn about traditionalism, history or symbolism.

Evola writes of the generative principles of s Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola is revlt book so breathtaking, so fresh and magisterial that I may be incapable of reading anything for the remainder of the year.

Ad esempio, gli autori della New Left tipo Marcuse non ne sono che la versione speculare e di sinistra. Let’s go with that. Evola is just stating the “facts” as they are, without dwelling on their consequences.


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