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Forms Required for Shipping From Canada — FedEx Freight Only. Canada to U.S.. Canada Bill of Lading (English/French) · Customs Invoice (English/French) . Now you can create FedEx Freight shipping labels and the Bill of Lading for FedEx Freight Choose fast-transit FedEx Freight Priority (formerly FedEx Freight. FedEx Freight Tracker lets you do freight tracking of your freight packages, If tracking by a purchase order or Bill of Lading number, type “PO” or “BL” in the.

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What is FedEx doing? How do these changes benefit me?

FedEx Freight Frequently Asked Questions

This innovative change allows us to offer you two levels of service in a fully integrated, nationwide pickup and delivery network. You and your customers will be able to choose between two enhanced shipping services: Whatever type of LTL shipping service you need, you will have one Bill of Lading to process your shipments, one invoice statement for less paperwork and one pickup and delivery for all of your Blll shipments.

You will also enjoy simplified account numbers and streamlined web applications without any changes to your current pricing agreement. With nationwide fedes coverage and the reliability you expect from FedEx, we help you manage your business and meet the expectations of your customers. When do these service changes take effect? I have more questions, who should I contact? For more information, please call FedEx Freight Customer Service at You can also find updates and download a contact sheet for specific functions within our company at fedex.

Also, you may contact your account executive for more information. Who should I call to schedule my shipments? Today, please continue to use the same contact information you are currently using.

FedEx Freight Tracker

Since we are streamlining our shipping processes to make your shipping easier, you may see a change in the location of frelght service center serving you. If this is the case, you will receive updated contact information in the coming months. Will my FedEx Freight driver change? However, as our company begins to realign our service center locations, it s possible you could have a new FedEx Freight driver.

Will my transit times change? Today, you can expect the same transit times. Will my current tariff or pricing programs remain the same?

Your current FedEx Freight pricing agreement will not change as a result of this merger. If you would like to review or discuss your pricing program, please contact your account executive or contact FedEx Freight Freoght Service at Q: To help reduce the number of account numbers you currently use, we are working to streamline this for priirity.

In Decemberif there are changes to your account number, you will receive information outlining which account numbers to use for all of your LTL shipments. These streamlined account numbers will go into effect on Jan.

Can I be confident that my freight will be delivered on time and in good condition? By creating an innovative linehaul network, we re optimizing our fleet and resources to gain operational efficiencies and provide two highly reliable transit standards.


We will continue to use the same operating system technology that you enjoy today. We re also educating our drivers and dock workers on all new operating processes to help ensure your freight is delivered on time and intact, regardless of the transit time.

It is not necessary to make any changes to EDI transmissions prior to Jan. Until these service types are implemented no additional steps are required. Do I need to write anything new on my Bill of Lading? On this new Bill of Lading, you will choose which level of service you desire: If you do not select a service on the Bill of Lading, your shipment will default to our FedEx Freight Priority service. But remember, until Jan.

Do I need new Bill of Lading forms? Today, there are no changes to your Bill of Lading. Please continue to use your current inventory. We will provide you with access to the updated Bill of Lading forms by that effective date. If you continue to use a prior version after Jan. I don t use your Bill of Lading; our company uses another format.

Will you send me new PRO information?

Today, there are no changes to PRO numbers and stickers; please continue to use your current supply. You can also contact us at for more information. Should I expect changes to my invoice? Today, there are no changes to your invoice. However, we are simplifying your billing process by providing you with one invoice statement for all your efdex tendered on or after Jan.

A FedEx Freight representative will contact you in the coming months to discuss your invoicing needs. While the format of your invoice may change, FedEx Freight will continue to provide you with the customized fields you require. I understand my account number for FedEx National LTL may change; how will shipment activity freighy this account be billed?

Shipments tendered ibll Jan.

FedEx Freight Economy and Priority : ShipWorks Support

Yes, but only on shipments tendered prior to Jan. Will I be able to send my payment to the same location? All payments should be sent to the remittance address on bbill invoice. There will be no changes to lqding EDI data prior to Jan.

You will also find useful information posted at fedex. Conversions are targeted to be complete prior to Sept. FedEx Freight will work with you, and your technical support team, to determine an agreeable transition date. Any questions regarding and transaction sets should be submitted to or priorith can contact an EDI representative atOption 4.

Yes, please contact us to ensure that all parties are transmitting the same SCAC and service type in the expected fields for all EDI transmissions.

Any questions regarding and transaction sets should be submitted to or you can contact an EDI representative atoption 4.

How should all remittance advices be submitted if FedEx Freight after Jan.

Our company would like to make other changes to our current EDI transmissions. Can this occur along with the change to single SCAC? Freigt are committed to making this transition as easy as possible. Please contact us directly to discuss any additional EDI needs you have.


Standard Carrier Alpha Code – Wikipedia

For specific questions regarding and transaction sets, please or contact an EDI representative atfsdex 4. How will this be handled? The EDI team has a plan in place for making this transition as easy as possible for our customers. We ll work with you to make sure all transmissions meet your needs.

Will my rates stay the same with this SCAC change? Today, I use multiple methods e. Please contact us at the below numbers for more information. Questions regarding any other EDI transaction sets should be submitted to or you can contact an EDI representative at ext Other invoicing questions can be directed to. Our company is a freight payment service.

Who is responsible for notifying the ladinf of this change? Since the technical support of EDI invoicing is handled efdex the freight payment service, the freight payment service is responsible for communicating the change to the customer, if necessary. I receive invoices in both paper and EDI formats; will I continue to receive both? Yes, both invoice types will continue to be sent. For more information please use the contact information below: Any questions regarding and transaction sets should be submitted to or you can call a knowledgeable EDI representative atoption 4.

No changes are required on your part at this time. You can also download the application from fedex. When you log into the application after Prkority. Also, you will just have one account drop-down menu, as the FedEx National LTL account drop-down menu will no longer be displayed. No changes are required. New or existing customers making updates on or after Jan. No other changes will be required. vedex

Who can I contact for assistance with my XML questions? What changes will I see on the FedEx Freight website at fedex. Whether you use the public applications of our website or our password-protected My Account site, you ll benefit from a streamlined experience fewer clicks to get rates, transit times, request a pickup and more. Can I expect any changes to my online reporting? Yes, we re expanding our reporting capabilities to provide you more value. We will provide more information to you in the coming frreight.

Should I expect changes? Click here for important transition information and instructions on how you can set up reports that contain both your FedEx Freight and FedEx National LTL shipping activity. Who can I contact with questions regarding fedex.

We recommend you review the items below with your IT support to determine any impacts. Applications that create Bills of Lading.


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