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Learn about Robotics and Programming The fischertechnik ROBO TX Training Lab provides students with the tools needed to construct and program eleven. ed machines and robots using the ROBO TX Controller from fischertechnik. As you certainly know, a lot of the components in the ROBO TX Training Lab use. Find great deals for fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab 11 Models Parts NIOB. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Pony Spring Rider Yellow.

fischertechnik community forum • Thema anzeigen – Robo TX Training Lab (Hand Dryer Project)

The Fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab Construction Kit includes components – everything you need to build 6 mobile robot models, such as a driver-less transport system, obstacle detector, lane finder, 2 encoder motors for exact positioning, ‘Motor XS’, infrared lane sensor, 2 scanners and lots more.

One type magnifies the bulb while the other type diffuses the light. Once the hardware was corrected we were ready to try the program. I have to reschedule due to a conflict so I am hoping everyone can make it. I had to modify one of the programs because I did not have enough space to demo it.

The polarity is set with the red wire on the red mark on the PT and connected to the right input of I1 next to the I1 legend When I select the “Test Interface” option if I click to select the check box for the I1 it instantly toggles from 0 to 1 back to 0 and removing the check mark. We finished building “The Basic Model”, it is the main part of our line following robot, and it works! The other really exciting thing that happened is the Barrington Patch online newspaper attended our building session and did an awesome story on our summer activity!


Right, who reads the manual?? It will definitely help you decide what is best for you. It has a grey body with the other lamps I have having a white body. We managed to get the program to fail and realized it was not very robust.

I explained that I got our robot to work with the sample program to save time. He’s been obsessed with them for a month or so We’ve got the wheels on, but we know it is not quite right yet. The first error was that one of the pieces was rotated at 90 degrees from what it should have been.

Fischer Technik Robo TX Training Lab Summer Robot Building Project

School is starting soon and we need one more session to complete the Line Following robot. This week there were only 3 kids due to vacations and other conflicts. However, if you select the input mode analog 5kOhm A 5k for the photo resistor, you can differentiate between many shades of light and dark.

Also includes 50 page full color construction booklet with detailed instructions for building the above models, We discovered the solution accidentally by reading the manual. This is very helpful during debugging because you can see exactly what the robot is doing at each step in the program. I thought the sample program would have the robot follow the line. I moved the lamp closer to the PT and it now works as expected. Home Robotics Robotics Kits Fischertechnik.

RobotLady Global Moderator Sr. Before the kids came over again, we installed the wires.

Fischertechnik 505286 – ROBO TX Training Lab

The four different types of cookies are: Try it with the lamp very close fischertcehnik the transistor. Questions Ask a Question Be the first to ask a question. So that’s that one solved.


We realized two types of light bulbs are included with the kit. We wrapped up our summer robot building project by completing the final steps to turn our Fischer Technik Basic Model into a “Trail Searcher”, or line following robot.

Pay in 4 equal installments Use your existing debit or credit card. Elvis Presley Piece Puzzle. In case 2 as long as the barrier is broken. We figured out how to use the RoboPro software to communicate with the elevator over Bluetooth.

fischertechnik Robo TX Training Lab

Also, the controller is very modern. So I don’t know if the PT is broken or I am doing something wrong.

Oeuf Toy Store Walnut. Did you connect the right polarity? She also simultaneously turned on the light. Lyons Diatonic Bass Xylophone with Mallets. The motor should run in case of the light barrier is broken hand within the barrier.

September 22, Try it with the interface test menu Attention the manual changed Hand Dryer and temperture control The motor only may start if barrier is broken: This was helpful because we discovered a few errors.

If one child had difficulty, the others were asked to lend a hand. Two encoder motors allow for exact positioning. I have learned that it is a good idea to check their work at each step. They were responsible for finding their own pieces and building their step. This robot is very challenging. We finished the Fischer Technik Elevator Robot project.


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