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· Comments. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print. ‘It Runs on Water’ shown in the s by a UK television company called for £ from . Complete book – (27 MB). Papers on.

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There energu about 15v AC Hz, output on the secondary of the transformer and it pulls 4mA from the 12v battery. Here are three typical examples of this: That was a commonly believed view.

It seems likely that vested financial interests are the root cause of this refusal to accept the facts. There were no cars and the fastest form of transport for the average person was on a galloping horse. The drawing shows just one output coil, but there could be two coils: How long can the resulting magnet support its own inffo against gravity?

Free energy

Anybody know of colloidal magnet? At sun-up on the next day, you can continue your journey.

They found that if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour. Some time ago, it was commonly believed that the world was flat and rested on the backs of four elephants and that when earthquakes shook the ground, it was the elephants getting restless. While the commentary is not in English, the video is very informative. The point that he makes is that the magnetic flux of his motor is always unbalanced, thus producing a continuous rotational drive.

Ideally, we want a device which will power our homes and cars without the need to burn a fuel of any kind. James Hardy has put a video on the web, showing a variation of this same principle.

Metastable, and that’s good enough. This is what Jim’s device looked like: There is most definitely, no conflict with the Law of Conservation of Energy.

My father enervy a youngster then, so it is not all that long ago. Building an Advanced Flywheel Generator Suggestions for building an advanced flywheel generator. Using banks of batteries tends to be very expensive, very space-consuming and replacement batteries are needed at frequent intervals, giving the user a disposal problem and uj cost. This is the equivalent of the situation for the crystal set shown above, except that the feee field we are in is very, very much more powerful than the radio waves from a radio transmitter.

  LEY 24769 PDF

I will express my opinion on that too: Before you get the idea that this is some new and wild idea, please remember that windmills have been pumping water, ;jkbook grain, lifting heavy loads and generating electricity for a very long time now.

Interestingly, this is not something which they want to pursue as they have other areas which appeal more to them.

The really interesting part comes next, because he then unplugs the electrical supply to the water pump and switches it over to the generator which the wheel is driving. The patent states that the armature magnet is 3. The bank of lights being powered by Moray’s device, grew brighter as the gas pipe was driven further and further into the ground, providing a better and better earth connection.

Load V mains V mains 12V inverter watts 0. The result is that the pump powers itself and provides excess electricity which can be used to power other electrical equipment.

PJKbook : Patrick Kelly : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Looking at this in isolation, we appear to have a free-energy system which contradicts the Law of Conservation of Energy. All times are GMT. The closer to the wire coils, uo greater the power generated in those coils. The Alexkor multiple battery charger.

Originally Posted by clarence. Clean, I remember your Iron indo 60hz transformer experiments but I couldn’t really see how you had connected the leads out of your transformer to effect the 60 hz resonance of the transformer itself. A very effective way to determine the actual power draw of any item of household equipment is to use a cheap, mains watt-meter such as the one shown here.

Near the end of the hour, another burst of electromagnetic waves keeps the tube radioactive and maintains the output current. Last edited by Raphael37; at Now there is a design I would try to replicate unlike what Donald Smith is offering.

Because the people making incredibly large financial profits from selling pjkbopk fuel, have seen pjkbbook it that no alternative is available. If Stan was mistaken, and he died of ‘natural causes’, then it was remarkably convenient timing for the oil companies and the government, and his retro-fit kits were never manufactured.


The environment becomes symmetrical again, the massive amount of readily available free-energy just disappears and you are back to where you started from. Moray’s is one of several excellent and very successful devices which I can’t tell you exactly how to replicate because the details pjbook never revealed and Moray was intimidated into silence but the important point here is that a foot aerial raised just 8-feet from the ground can provide kilowatts of electrical power at any location, if you know how to do it.

When that power supplied to the electromagnets is cut off, the Back EMF pulse is captured and used to charge the driving battery.

free energy plans and patents

We have silicon semiconductors which they didn’t have, integrated circuits, The important point here is the fact that advances in scientific theory have made possible many things which would have been considered quite ridiculous notions in my father’s time.

This is maintained in spite of the fact that a patent has been awarded to Shigeta Hasebe for a different style of electrolysis, using magnets and spiral electrodes like this: As another example, consider a glass tumbler filled completely with water.

We saw one the other day, it was painted green and blue and looked most attractive.

There are ways to reduce this drag on the shaft rotation. While the drawings show the shields connected directly to the motor drive shaft a short length of plastic sleeving from a piece of wire would probably be used to help with alignment of the motor shaft and the shielding axle there is no reason why the shielding should not be on a separate axle mounted in bearings and driven by a belt and pulley wheel arrangement.

John Bedini of the USA has patented a system for the rapid charging of batteries with a pulsed waveform.


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