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Image-content Related Dialogs 3. Digital photography improvements 2. Using Script-Fu Scripts 2. Snap to Canvas 5. Creating Shortcuts to Menu Functions 6. Voorwoord Report an error in Bugzilla. Assign Color Profile 6.

How to Draw Straight Lines 5. Different Kinds Of Script-Fus 2.


Layer Boundary Size 7. Change the Size of an Image for the screen 4.

Device Status Dialog 5. Free Selection Lasso 2. Paden en tekst 5.

Select Bottom Layer 7. Getting Acquainted With Scheme 3. Select By Color 2. Color and Indicator Area 1. De geschiedenis van GIMP 1. Convert to Color Profile 6. Find Info About Your Image 4. De grote stap voorwaarts 4.


Send by Email 2. Add Layer Mask to Selection 7. Select Bottom Layer 7. Apply Layer Mask 7. Paden en selecties 5. Het raster van de afbeelding 2. Drawing Simple Objects Join our mailing list 1. Varying brush size 9. Koppelen van dialoogvensters 3. Show Layer Mask 7. Fit Canvas to Selection 6.

Fit Canvas to Selection 6. Image Structure Related Dialogs 2. Saving Your Results Dot for Dot 5. Sending your files 3. Do’s and Don’ts 2. Extending The Text Box Script 3. Remove Alpha Channel 7. New Guide by Percent 6. Image Management Related Dialogs 4.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

New Guide by Percent 6. Fill with Pattern 3. Fill with FG Color 3. Intersect Alpha channel with Selection 7. Dingen die u niet kunt ongedaan kunt maken 4. Apply Layer Mask 7. Sample Points Dialog 5.

Giving Our Script Some Guts 3. Selective Gaussian Blur 3. The Text Commands of the Layer Menu 7.


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