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Alvin Plantinga. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This book discusses and exemplifies the philosophy of religion, or philosophical reflection on central. God, Freedom, And Evil – Alvin Plantinga – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. PAGE 18 IS MISSING. HERE IS THE MISSING. For a critical account of verificationism see Plantinga, God and Other Minds, chap. 7. Excerpted from: Alvin Plantinga. God, Freedom, and Evil ().

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Alvin Plantinga, God, Freedom, and Evil – PhilPapers

A Theological Argument In the second section of God, Freedom, and EvilPlantinga explores the validity of theological arguments for the existence of God. Fvil can understand this book; they must only be willing to think as hard as they read. This isn’t bedtime reading and pushing through pages of theorem after theorem is a lot different than reading CS Lewis or one of the other great Christian thinkers who rely planitnga literate metaphor and a sort of common sense philosophy cushioned under beautiful prose on human nature, the world, etc.

This is my fault.

May 16, Ifa Mujawar rated it it was ok. Request a Review Copy. Where of course Plantinga is most famous for arguing is in his revision of the Ontological Argument.

This book is not for the feint hearted as it reads like a philosophy ecil complete with conditional logical statements. This was a good short-yet-complex philosophical work to read through over a weekend. With this choice, then, evil becomes allowable.

Finally, Plantinga appraises St. Soundness, on the other hand, occurs when an argument is both valid and true. Here, Plantinga takes the old canard of free will. A very heavy read, but an interesting one if you get the chance to pick it up.


This book covers some of the same ground as his more technical The Nature of Necessitybut unlike most of Plantinga’s works, it is aimed at the general reader. Anyways, this is a good book! James Kellenberger – – Religious Studies 41 1: Plantinga is pontificating from the luxurious confines of his residence, funded by conveniently gullible ajd.

Book Review: God, Freedom, and Evil by Alvin Plantinga | Apologetics

David Basinger – – Philosophy Research Archives 8: Published inPlantinga’s treatment of it here is not as polished as it is in later statements of it, but it’s nice to see him really walk through the development here. Plantinga also, perhaps unwittingly, advocates a evi, Darwinism in which the rich and physically powerful are able to murder, rape and steal from weaker individuals and are therefore less able to exercise their own free alviin to prevent their own suffering.

To this end, Plantinga proposes freedom. But William Lane Craig had referenced Plantinga’s reformulation of it in his “Reasonable Faith” book, and that really forced me to rethink my hesitancy with this line of reasoning.

So why not create that universe from the get-go and stick with it? View alvib 9 comments. Original Fragility and Supralapsarian Purpose. Plantinga further clarifies classical theism by noting that an omnipotent God cannot create just any world. The ontological argument is always a slippery one to grasp but I will spend a lot of time pondering the logic of these premises.


If God grants free will to creatures, it logically follows that each creature possesses the opportunity to choose good or evil. Beebe – – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. I once often quoted John Mackie’s logical problem of evil frwedom my theistic peers as to why I could not believe in God, but Plantinga has made an incredible case for the consistency of omnibenevolence with the existence of evil in his Free Will Defense. He does say in the introduction that he will be focusing on the problem of evil on the atheist side, and the ontological argument on the theist side, but his treatment of the cosmological and teleological arguments may leave the reader with the gid that these are slvin robust arguments.

It certainly is not something a perfect god would do. Jan 04, Scott rated it liked it. Phillips – – Scm Press.

God, Freedom, and Evil

Deconstructing the Problem of Evil Plantinga commences by immediately evaluating the problem of evil. With dense writing, Plantinga methodically waltzes from argument to argument offering objections, rebuttals, and new proposals. There have been intense and motivated efforts over the past two millennia to defend such a position rationally, and they have all failed.

Originally published at http: Quotes from God, Freedom, and But it you are able to spend the time on it you will learn a lot. Find it on Scholar.


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