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See the infographic below for a quick summary of the method, and a detailed explanation . One of the best things about the GZCL methodology is that you can. Buy GZCL Method: Read 33 Kindle Store Reviews – Sourced from Reddit, lifters, and GZCL himself, this is the most and calculators are based on the general “GZCL Method” for powerlifting.

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GZCL July 27, at 7: It’s a lot of volume. The ideas behind it make a lot of sence. So, which to hit first depends on individual differences? A lot of people are asking what the hell it means: When would I choose to do one over the other? Have you had the oportunity to try it out mehtod novices much?

The GZCLP Program For Beginners (Infographic) | Say No To Broscience

Anthony Tran rated it liked it Apr 13, This is disagreeable because new lifters need practice, and that requires reps. Eventually, you need to battle the weak points in your squat head-on by spending a few weeks with some more difficult variations of the “king of lifts. I find the way you broke down the sets and reps, as well as the programming, is so well done.

Lists with This Book. All times are GMT The results of this approach are new one rep mdthod as a welcome consequence. The grind was really starting to get to me.

Squat Bigger With The GZCL Method

If you look methoe the UHF 9 week program, there’s an optional 3 week taper you can run afterwards. And it just so happens that fun also builds muscle, which then helps generate greater amounts of strength! Thank you very much, I appreciate your input and all the work you are doing with giving out interesting stuff. Work in the T1 should be completed with little to no grind.


These variables are most commonly recognized as intensity, volume, ggzcl effort.

Also don’t forget to flip the T1 and T2 exercises from workout to workout. From there they have a solid understanding of how to adjust training variables up or down to achieve training goals.

Squat Bigger With The GZCL Method

I find the outlined periodization here: Think of this as the skeleton you build your program on, this skeleton’s general structure mmethod be reflective of your recovery ability. Should you find yourself grinding the weight, decrease it, and complete your total volume for the day.

So now you no longer use 6×2. Ciaron rated it liked it Jan 01, Therefore, the intensities you use stand at the apex of your pyramid and the volumes are its base.

I also don’t have 1lb plates at my gym, so I’m stuck to using the 2. This then reduces training stress and lessens the recovery debt of that workout. Do not be surprised when nethod find yourself handling less weight than what you use normally. Thomas rated it liked it Nov 17, I have never gzvl this muscle exhausted while amazingly, the least sore i have ever been post-workout in my life.

Though if you want to retest your Goal Weight I do recommend the last week of your training cycle no less than three weeks! Do they count as T2? I think im inylterested in this program. Ryan November 17, at 1: They would leave me crushed under too much volume at too great intensities, or walking out of the gym feeling like I hardly accomplished mehtod, sometimes worse- bored!


These should be rarely programmed below eight above 15 reps at a time. I think the guy who wrote the program said to pick a weight that you want to be able to smoke regardless of the situation like even if you’re sick or have a bad day. Same thing happens the fourth and metuod day with Deadlift and Squat.

If on your bench day you feel your chest is lacking then perform cable flys. Is this supposed to be run 3 or 4 days a week? Likewise for incline bench to bench press and overhead press. I like the look of the program, but I don’t like to follow things blindly. How would this work?

This will help you balance intense lifting and higher volume in the same workout. Last Jump to page: In your example, you set two workout days, A and B I’m just going to concentrate on T1 and T2 for simplicity here.

Also is every workout different? Do not add weight set to set for any of the workouts. Rather than chase a new one rep max you are instead improving your speed, rep quality, and capacity. Aniruddha rated it really liked it Apr 01, That’s kinda crazy considering many novices on SS are squatting 2 plates by 3 months.

Arthur rated it it was amazing Aug 06, Consider that SS or SL will have you do squat, bench, and deadlifts as the equivalent of T1 lifts all on the same day then do squat, OHP, and deadlift all as T1 lifts next workout and then repeat.


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