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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marcion was critical in the emergence of the Catholic Church. Harnack presents Marcion’s historical significance. Adolf Harnack () was a German theologian, scholar and historian. on Marcion called Marcion, das Evangelium vom fremden Gott (Marcion and the . The outlines of Harnack’s landmark monograph on Marcion are well known from summaries and discussions of it as well as through the German original. But it is.

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Megethius Dialogue I, Hoffmann has shown how unjust it is to count Marcion as an anti-Semite. Marcion was among the first heretics.

Adolf von Harnack

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The numerous contradictions which arise as soon as one attempts to reduce Marcion’s propositions to a system, and the fact that his disciples tried all possible conceptions of the doctrine of principles, and defined the relation of the two Gods very differently, are the clearest proof that Marcion was a religious character, that he had in general nothing to do with principles, but with living beings whose power he felt, and that what he ultimately saw in the Gospel was not an explanation of the world, but redemption from the world, 10 mafcion from a world, which even in the best that it can offer, has nothing that can reach the height of the blessing bestowed in Christ.

Marilynn Hughes rated it it was amazing Apr 14, Rhonda Grossley added it Sep 14, Harnack traced the influence of Hellenistic philosophy on early Christian writing and called on Christians to question the authenticity of doctrines that arose in the Carl Gustav Adolf von Harnack 7 May — 10 June was a German Lutheran theologian and prominent church historian.

He was no moralist, no Greek mystic, no Apocalyptic enthusiast, but a religious character, nay, one of the few pronouncedly typical religious characters whom we know in the early Marccion before Augustine. Jamie rated it it was harack Jun 29, Because Marcion elevated a better God above the god of creation, and consequently robbed the Christian God of his honour, he appeared to be worse than a heathen Sentent. The older attempts to restore the Marcionite Gospel and Apostolicum have been antiquated by Zahn’s Kanonsgeschichte, 1.


Marcion: The Gospel of the Alien God by Adolf von Harnack

The Jesus Seminar folks fascinate me. Of course, had Marcion read Feyerabend, this wouldn’t have stopped him it didn’t anyway!

Even so, it’s interesting to see how those who got it wrong help to point us in the right direction. Finally, because he gained so many adherents, and actually founded a church, he appeared to be the ravening wolf Justin, Rhodonand his church as the spurious church. They are so committed to their presuppositions that they go to incredible lengths to reimagine the Gospels.

But his attempt to resuscitate Paulinism is the first great proof that the conditions under which this Christianity originated do not repeat themselves, and that therefore Paulinism itself must receive a new construction if one desires to make it the basis of a Church.

Return to Book Page. It will always be the glory of Marcion in the early history of the Church that he, the born heathen, could appreciate the religious criticism of the Old Testament religion as formerly exercised by Paul.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Wesley Hill rated it liked it Oct 23, And then Marcion’s various textual excisions are to be understood as “epicycling,” the multiplication of hypotheses, special pleading on behalf of his paradigm.

The position which the Pauline Epistles occupy in the history of the world is, however, described by the fact that every tendency in the Church which was unwilling to introduce into Christianity the power of Greek mysticism, and was yet no longer influenced by the early Christian eschatology, learned from the Pauline Epistles a Christianity which, as a religion, was peculiarly vigorous.


Very frequently the Prophet harjack forth “secret histories” of the biblical Patriarchs in which their exploits mirror those of Muhammad himself in mirror-fashion. We may venture to say no.

Adamantius Dialogue I, 6: Perhaps through those lenses we might view the exegesis of the Alien God as no less unbecoming an elaboration of scripture than most of us now consider the Triune God. The law which rules nature and man appeared to him to accord with the characteristics of this god and the kind of law revealed by him, and therefore it seemed credible to him that this god is the creator and lord of the world kosmokratos. But experience shows that, like the Jews, men who are virtuous according to the law of the creator of the world, do not allow themselves to be converted by Christ; it is rather sinners who accept his message of redemption.

Or do we believe there is such a difference?

Gospel of Marcion

Pretty dry but fills you in on all there is about this heretical, early Christian branch. One was at liberty to think of him merely as a sorry chapter in the history of heresy.

University of South Carolina Press. Not only did he mafcion expressly declare that the creator of the world is a self-contradictory being of limited knowledge and power, but the whole doctrine of redemption shows that he is a power subordinate to the good God.


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