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Editor’s Note: Below you will find an excerpt taken from the first English translation of Stéphane Hessel’s “Indignez-vous!,” published this week. Stephane Hessel Wrote Indignez Vous. Picture. Stephane Hessel- French Archives. By Kathy Warnes French activist Stephane Hessel survived the Holocaust. Stéphane Hessel, Resistance fighter and concentration-camp survivor, tells the young of today that their lives and liberties are worth fighting for. Remembering.

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And that this “terrorism” is a misnomer. It is also a message of hope in the capacity of modern societies to overcome conflicts by a mutual understanding and a vigilant patience.

But how can there be today a lack of money to support and extend these conquests while the production of wealth has been considerably augmented since the Liberation period when Europe was in ruins?

My long life presented a succession of reasons to outrage me.

Sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday, just a week after his last big interview was published, Hessel’s long and extraordinary life came to an end. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. And this current goes towards more justice, more freedom, but not this unbridled freedom of the fox in the henhouse. Banks, since privatized again, have proved to be concerned foremost for their dividends and for the very high salaries of their leaders, not the general interest.

But this threat did not completely disappear, and our anger against injustice is ever intact. The Resistance proposed, “a rational organization of the economy assuring the subordination of special interests to general interest, and the emancipation of ‘slaves’ hesel the professional dictatorship that was instituted just as in the fascist states,” which had used the interim [for two years after the war] government of the Republic as an agent.


Then the war in Algeria. Reforms offered in go contrary to this plan. View a machine-translated version of the French article. We are on a threshold between the terror of the first decade and the possibilities of following voys.

Hessel was born into a Jewish family in Berlin inthe son of a journalist and a writer. But in this world there still are intolerable things.

Stéphane Hessel, writer and inspiration behind Occupy movement, dies at 95

This [universal versus international] was key because, at the end of the Second Hwssel War, what was at stake was to become emancipated from the threats of totalitarianism that had weighed on humanity. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in French. We were impressed by how ingeniously they face up to all the scarcities that are imposed on them. Such was the case of Hitler, who felt himself supreme and authorized to carry out a genocide.

If I go towards the animals, they themselves attain stephqne wisdom.

It is comprehensible, I would say almost natural, but it still is not acceptable. That’s what it represented to a friend of my father, the man who shared with him an effort to translate into German “The Search for Time Lost” [novel] by Marcel Proust.

It is not always easy to differentiate between all the currents that govern us. There is to be no compromise on these rights. They join this current of history, and the great current of history must continue thanks to each individual.

But it is necessary to hope, it is always necessary to hope. The just man believes that wealth created in the realm of labor should dominate over the power of money. And if it is true that recourse to violence risks perpetuating it, it is also true it is the sure means to make it stop.

During the eurozone crisis, one of the names given to the protests against austerity programmes and corruption in Spain was Los Indignados, taken from the title of Hessel’s work.


I often ask professors for the indighez to interact with their students, and I say to them: From this point of view, the present generation is not asking governments to disappear but to change the way they deal with people’s needs. Alas, history does not give enough examples of people who draw lessons from their own history. Crises today The thought process advanced by the West drew the world into a crisis from which it must emerge by a radical break: It is driven by an authentic desire to get what you need.

The end is in sight. It was as principal private secretary of Henry Laugier, the adjunct general-secretary of the UN, and as and secretary of the Commission hesel Human Rights that I with others was led to participate in the writing of this statement.

But it is an inevitable setback because we are in a world of violence. They can put an end to the human adventure on the planet, which they can make unfit for habitation by man.

Time for Outrage! – Wikipedia

The political, economic, intellectual leaders, and the whole society do not have to give in, nor allow oppression by an actual international dictatorship of the financial markets, which threatens peace and democracy. I am lucky to be able to seize the time I have left to reflect on my lifelong commitment to politics: April Click [show] for important translation instructions.

The United Nations had enough wisdom to call conferences such as those of Rio on environment, inand that of Beijing on women, in If I go towards the Asuras, their evil thoughts of themselves are tamed. Sur la une de la Rheinpfalz du Mardi 4.


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