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G. W. Farrow • I. Menon The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra With the Commentrary Yogaratnamala G.W. FARROW and I MENON MOTILAL. Shri Hevajra is a principal meditational deity of the Anuttarayoga classification in Buddhist Tantra. According to the Sakya system Hevajra belongs to the. हेवज्र तन्त्रम – संस्कृत मूल एवम हिन्दी अनुवाद (The Hevajra Tantra). Item Code: NAC Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher.

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In order to actualise of the Master Consecration to those of weak sensibility, instruction upon the Seal of Ritual karmamudra is given. Nevertheless the reference hegajra the existence of this longer version stands, and for the present must remain unexplained. The first group includes all those who are not followers of the tantras. The attitude the yogi should have regarding daily life is given. In the Sadhanamala this form of Hevajra is single ekavira – without a consort.

In order to try to convey the mood of the Assembly of the Circle of Initiates and also to exemplify the modes of secret communication five units of a song are now quoted: As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area.

Views Read View source View history. The two terms refer here slokas 9 and 10 to the twofold process, whereby the divinities are produced in due order utpattikrama and then reabsorbed sampannakrama.

Full text of “Hevaraja, Concealed Essence Of The Hevajra Tantra Farrow Menon MLBD”

In the case of de la Vallee Poussin I have in mind particularly his Bouddhisme, Etudes et Materiaux, published in In the Sakya tradition the Hevajra tantra is non-dual so it emphasises both practices. From some quarters there would always be opposition to new ideas, but the test of whether they were eventually Buddhist or not always consists in their receiving or not receiving sufficient acceptance for their absorption within the body of teaching and practice of any group who called themselves Buddhists.


After that the gum commands the disciple saying: On page 72 it is written: In applying their tantric vows yogis ate meat and drank wine as parts of the sacrament.

Prajna and vajra are both terms that may indicate the final truth, and in this sense cease to be mere coefficients. This refers to the perceiver of form, to the eye and the consciousness associated with it. This influence is seen through the use of yoga practices which originate from the Natha yogi sect as well as the incorporation of the Sahajaview of earlier Buddhist sects.

Padmini — Padma can, by Txntra, id. In the Secret consecration the disciple first honors the guru with clothes and other offerings.

Lalana has the nature of Wisdom and Rasana consists, in the means of hevahra Expedience, and Avadhuti in the middle, free from the notion of subject and object. Two other important synonyms of bodhicitta remain: The processes of the Vajrayana method are comprised of instructions for the stages of practice which lead to the various states of Samadhi, the stabilized meditative states.

Hevajra – Wikipedia

Concentrate on the triangle of origination in the midst of space. However, we have translated technical terms according to the Vajrayana view by following Krsnacarya’s analysis of these terms. In order to be able to analyze this fundamental statement the verse and translation are now reproduced here: Rite of Establishing Sanctity 2.

Having worshipped them with the eight goddesses, you should beseech them saying: As relative white like jasmine, as absolute essentially blissful, the Enlightened Con- sciousness should be generated in the female Lotus which is Sukhavati, the Citadel ofBliss, by forming the evam. Describing how this occurs it is said: Hevajra has four forms described in the Hevajra Tantra and four forms described the Samputa Tantra:. The various activities, techniques and methods found in the Hevajra Tantra are given.

But all these elements are really nirvana, and only from delusion maha do they appear as samsara ‘ 3 But if samsara is really nirvana, then all men are already buddhas.


Hevajra Tantra

The phrase reoccurs in a similar context at I, v. When there are some secret doctrines that have not yet been breathed a word about, I also continue to keep silent about them. Besides the above mentioned practices, nothing in the book describes the Evolutional Yoga. The root tantra indicates the basic tradition which was systematized by the Mahasiddhas during the classic tantric period of the fifth to the thirteenth centuries A.

The various processes are here described explicitly, whereas in the Indian texts one is presented primarily with schemes and patterns. It appears that there were two views regarding the style of consecra- tion into the tantra.

In India and later in Tibet large groups of monks existed side by side with tantric yogis. Here indeed is located the Great Bliss. Now the early mahayana had already redressed this balance in its theory of the course of the bodhisattva.

The term Saktismus itself is, however, not properly applicable to Buddhist developments see below, p. Fossilized, mis- leading, exoteric views, usages and superstitions, so often encountered and assimilated when living in the east, are of no real value in the new western context.

Vajra Family 3 2. Our ignorance of the intrinsic nature, our conception-right, and our belief in a solidified personal identity stems from not understanding the non-substantiality of the sensory faculties, the sensory objects, the mind and its thoughts. That, however, the two cycles were in fact completely hevajga is shown by the thanka reproduced as our frontispiece, where he appears in the full com- pany of sixteen.


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